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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


Now normally I don't agree I should see or hear mention of Christmas until after my birthday, it's in mid November, but this year I decided after watching Kirsty Allsop's show on Channel 4 showing how to do a hand made Christmas I decided that that was for me! I thought I'd roped one of my sister's in with me, as she seemed especially keen to try out making hand made soaps, but the sneaky little thing went and got herself pregnant (how inconvenient eh? *laughs*) and so mixing dangerous chemicals together didn't seem such a sensible option...therefore I was going it alone!

I chickened out of the Fight Club-esque soap factory and just decided to make presents mainly for my nieces and nephews. I have five between three sisters and one with a bump and know how much my sisters cringe when another plastic noisy toy comes their child's way. So I wrote myself a list and set myself the challenge of fulfilling that list.

The list:
6 soft toy rabbits
2 sets of bunting
3 tutus (I'm regretting this one already and I haven't even bought the tulle)
3 sets of hair clips
6 pirate bandannas
6 clown hats
7 reusable shopping bags
6 handbags
5 aprons
and an unknown number of crackers and the fillings which will be novelty shaped chocolates also jam and chuneys

So not a big list...eeek!

So far I can wipe off the rabbits and the bunting and clown hats, the shoppers are almost done and I've almost finished one handbag. However, I seem to be adding to my list as I'm thinking it might be cute to make American Indian head bands with felt feathers and maybe even fascinators for my sisters. The only thing is I'm thinking Christmas is only about 100 days away. What am I doing? At least I've managed to get the snaps for the crackers...

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