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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

It's not the best looking cake I've ever made, but since I've been wanting to make this cake for ages and needed to make it this week before the ingredients went off...I baked a cake on a work night *gasp*!

Here's the proof:

I've got this wonderful cake tin from my boyfriend one Christmas that's the shape of a huge cupcake, unfortunately my awful icing skills mean you can't see the shape of the cake very well.  Also there was a slight accident with the top so the large amount of icing was slightly necessary!

As you can see this is not a 'how to' post, it's most definitely a 'how not to post' but mostly a 'I finally made one!' post!  It's proof that I finally got to try a red velvet cake as a friend of mine always has a normal size cupcake version of this cake whenever he can and had urged me to try it.  Sadly he lives far to far away to have a piece, but since we have spent many a happy afternoon drinking tea and eating cake with edible glitter on I think he won't mind that this one got away.  Then again he might be extremely glad considering the state on it! haha!

And my verdict, hilariously enough I'm not fussed!  Awful isn't it?  It's a bit too sweet, but that could just be me making too much icing and the cake wasn't exactly red either as couldn't lay my hands on coloured paste and had to do with the liquid which wasn't bake stable I found out after I'd poured it in the mixture...D'oh!

Have you ever made a cake with great expectation and then found when you've spent all that time slaving over a hot stove that you actually don't like it or aren't that fussed?

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