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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Not bad for a remnant

Ok, so I slightly deviated from my week's plan as I got seduced by the remnant bin in John Lewis on Saturday.  I found this lovely piece of blue fabric with flowers that look like water colours and had to make a top out of it.  Since I'm completely bored of making the Lotus pattern I had to try something else.  I flicked through two Burda magazines and decided I didn't want to or couldn't make any of the tops due to fabric quantity restrictions, so thought I'd make the top half of a dress I liked and just put a band at the bottom to lengthen it and make it wearable.

Blue water colour flower top from top half of Burda dress - full length view
I really like the wide round neck line on this with the slightly cap sleeves.  I put a zip in the side to fasten it, I didn't line it fully but put facings and am happy with that.

Close up of front of top

I say happy with the facings but I'm noticing that it's peeping up on the neckline in this photo....grrrr.  I'm also wondering what to do with the back, I've put the darts in, not quite as the instructions state as they were too big, but now I'm wondering if they need to be longer, argh.  Think I might just wear it and see whether I can cope with it.

Back view of top

If you're thinking the band at the bottom is an interesting shape, it is!  It was either an interesting shape for front and back or use a different fabric in a coordinating colour.  I think I like this fabric so much as it's reminiscent of 80's floral fabric that I remember being worn lots by my sisters when I was growing up.

It's not very valentine-sy but I don't really have any red fabric.  What have you been sewing and is it valentine related?


  1. Thats a great top, I really like that fabric! Not sewing anything Valentine related - apparently doesnt exist in our house ;-)

  2. Thank you! We did valentine's yesterday by having a lovely meal and watching a film and just having a nice quiet day. Boo Hiss to spoil sports! Hope you get something nice from him another day to compensate!

  3. It's lovely - the fabric & the shape really suits you! I'm the boo hiss, up here on my sewing machine, with flowers & Lindt awaiting me. I think I need to put the sewing aside before it's too late!!

  4. I spent a couple of hours sewing my quilt squares, but I am visualising a Twilight quilt... so it's only beginning to be conceived on Valentine's Day, but how more romantic can you get than Bella and Edward? :) ...

    I had a t-shirt with the slogan "skip raider"... I think you need one that says "Deviant" for when you deviate from your sewing plans and get lured into things from the remmenant bin! ;)

    By the way, the descriptive tags on the photos are great! thank you! It's a great enhancement for blind folk like me :)

  5. Mmmm Lindt! Put the sewing down Mrs Badger and enjoy some time off!

    Giles I'm so happy you like the photo descriptions, sorry it never occurred to me before to label them so you knew what they were. I'm not sure I should get a t-shirt with 'Deviant' on as it might be taken the wrong way...

  6. hmmm... "nice deviant"? and you could have "seduced by the remmenants" on the backk... ;)


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