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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sewing buddy!

I have the most wonderful sewing buddy through the sewing buddy system set up on Whipstitch, there's still time I think if you want to join!  She's got a blog over at Sew Obsessed where she sews outfits for her very cute little girl for every day and some amazing costumes for high days and holidays.  I'm trying to persuade her to sew herself some clothes for a change and challenge!

We're finding that the very technical matching system that Whipstitch uses to match people is creepily accurate and get on like a house on fire.  Sadly she lives a little bit too far far away to pop to the shops with and burn large holes in are purses as she lives in sunny California and me in not so sunny South Wales...ho hum.  She's a lovely person and love her to bits as she makes me smile and gees me up when needed, which I guess was the whole point of this project.  Like she says in her post, you all keep us going by reading and commenting and sharing but this is a bit more personal and exactly what both of us needed at the moment as we seem to be inspiring each other.

She's got an amazing project going on at the moment where she's making a doll for her daughter and stitching clothes made from the remnants of the clothes she makes for her daughter for the doll.  I think it's such a good idea as her daughter will have a permanent document of all the lovely things her mum made her for years to come, long after she's worn holes in the kness/ elbows, or stained irretrievably a beloved garment.

So, my news is: we're doing a swap!  We're both making bags for each other, I'm making a bias tape like bag like this one and this one for her and have got the fabric and a few ideas to make it extra special!  Because we're keeping it as a surprise for each other I won't post photos until after it's been received as don't want to spoil the surprise.  I'm really really excited as love making things for people and know she's been having a tough time lately and would like to make her smile.

So if you've got a sewing buddy I hope you're keeping in touch and having as much fun as we are!


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