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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Horray! Corduroy!

I've been looking for brown corduroy for weeks and weeks but have had no luck until today and not just one type but two!  Yay!  It seemed as if I'd have to wait until Autumn/Winter to arrive before I could get my hands on any but success was mine!  It's good because I need it for two projects a skirt and a jacket so I got some of each type the needle cord and the jumbo cord.

Chocolate brown jumbo cord

Close up of the jumbo stripes

Chocolate needle cord

I then found some wet look jersey, never seen that before but it's my favourite colour so had to get a metre of it to try it out!  Nothing ventured nothing gained...

Purple wet look jersey
I also got some 100% cotton in this amazing print that I'm thinking of making into a short jacket with snap closures that I saw in Burda this month

Red backdrop fabric with blue circles with white flowers in the middle of them

Large snap fasteners for jacket
I also snagged some plain light blue poly cotton for the facings for a top and some shell buttons.

7 shell buttons

Light blue poly cotton
And I rounded all this successful shopping off with one of these!

Mmmmm Margarita!


  1. Ha! Love your fabric choices and that you polished off the day with a margarita! We definitely think alike when it comes to successful shopping :)

  2. Well I was in a Mexican restaurant and it would just be rude not to after such finds! ;)


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