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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I've got so much to show and tell!

So I've had a lazy day as still worn out after yesterday's Sew Weekly meet up and did want to do a photo recreation of the outfit I was wearing yesterday but it was just too cold today so here it is on hangers

Pink cotton vest top made from Burda pattern using the lace I got from my swap buddy Rachel from Sew Weekly

Pattern details

How it's supposed to look in the magazine

A line skirt I made from the Amy Butler fabric I got the other day with some satin bias binding as a detail between the facing and main skirt part

50's style jacket from Burda pattern
Pattern details

How it's supposed to look in the magazine
I was sewing up to 10pm the night before the meet up and still ended up wonder webbing the facings in on one of their edges as I didn't get time to hand sew them in.  Thankfully I had the sense to go to bed then, but know there were many ladies at the meet up who had little, or gulp, even no sleep!  I'm dedicated but not masochistic! ;)

I love the fabric I used for the jacket but the fascings are not working for me, can't work out whether it's just that I'm not used to that sort of neckline or if I cut the semi circle too sharp.  I'm happy with the skirt, but can't really go wrong with an A-line skirt but the vest top is irritating me too.  I think it's because it has no definition for the waist and being cotton not something stretchy it just hangs there.  I wore it with a blue sash yesterday to be in with the red white and blue theme but may take the side seams in and insert a zipper or if I'm going to be influenced by the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition  I may put in metal fasteners.

Yohji Yamamoto programme, ticket and the tube map that was indispensable for someone like me who gets easily lost and confused!
I loved the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A yesterday you could work all round the outfits and get up close (but no touching please!) and really see the details.  My favourites were the green felt trench coat, the yellow silk dress and the pleated dresses from the women's outfits and the green and purple felt jacket, the kimono influenced jackets and the jacket with the embroidered stars from the men's outfits.  Sadly I didn't get time to see the videos as spent all my time examining the garments.  I was intrigued by how influenced he was by traditional Japanese clothing and merging it with high fashion and European styles.  There was a blue work shirt that had a bag incorporated into it on the front on the right where a field worker would have put her crop but it was made in velvet.  The contrast between the velvet and the thick durable cotton was surprising and it worked.  I could probably spend a whole day in there but doubt I'll be able to go back before it's finished.

And so onto the winnings and finds at Goldhawk Road.  It really was astounding to see so many fabric shops in one place and what made my day even more were the prices!

Buttons I won in the raffle from the lovely Judy at Sew Weekly, thank you Judy!

Reprint of a '57 halter neck dress won in the raffle, thank you Victoria for donating this one!

Fabric won in the raffle, lovely silky satin feel to it might make a top with it

This is 100% cotton but think it's cotton voile it's so soft and has a slight sheen to it, the purple background is a lot brighter and think this will be a dress as have 2 metres of it

Bargain Liberty print of mushrooms half the price of anywhere else I've seen it.  Think it will be a top as it's lovely and soft.

Green satin which will also be a top as I need more tops for Me Made June even if I realised on the train home I have a satin top in almost the exact same shade of green...

Bargain 100% cotton, it's more of a softer blush pink in real life and might be a top but could just be used as lining if the mushroom fabric proves too sheer.
So they were my goodies from yesterday and here's some goodies that arrived last week that I didn't get time to post about what with blogger being down, sewing and firefox not working with blogger.  Sorry if you can't click links on my blog if you're using firefox, if you can use another internet browser as I find it works then...grrrrr hate computer problems!

Anna Maria Horner velveteen in Lovesme Lovesmenot!

Anna Maria Horner velveteen First Impression in Jewel

My free pattern!
Yay!  Never thought this was going to arrive I was watching the post so much!  The fabric is amazing and not sure what I'm going to make yet, but probably a skirt and maybe a jacket like the one above but not sure which way round with the fabric yet.

I've also managed to squeeze in a bit of quick fix sewing today!  Victoria explained how she made her wonderful red shrug yesterday and how easy it was to make, so I thought I'd put myself to the test as had that scrap of lavender coloured jersey...

me wearing the incredibly easy to make shrug and my flower made from the travelling lace gifts from Rachel

And a view from the back
I used all of the remnant I had as wanted it quite long in the back and didn't want it too tight.  I'm really proud of myself for foraying into the world of sewing jersey, even if I haven't hemmed any of the edges as it's not exactly going to fray any time soon and because I'm lazy!  I'm also really surprised I actually set up the machine correctly to sew it and found the right needles in my stash!

So...might go a bit quiet for a bit as have some family stuff going on so hope all this tides you over for a while!  Happy sewing everyone!


  1. What a lovely shrug! :) I love all your purchases too, I wish I could've made the meet up!
    Ashley x

  2. Thank you! We all said we should do it again so hopefully you can make the next one!

  3. You looked great yesterday Mimi, I love that jacket and you have a great eye for pattern, it was great to see you in real life... I can't believe you have been sewing today, I am worn out (must be my age), have a great week x

  4. Thank you!

    The sewing was only about 5minutes and that was my lot! Been vegging out in front of the TV watching films the rest of the day!

  5. Wow what a day! And you came home with bounty too! Glad you enjoyed it. That velveteen looks gorgeous btw, and I do like your shrug, not bad for an afternoons work! I like how you made it longer at the back too.

  6. I am going to check out this shrug and awesome vintage pattern, I will own it someday myself. The skirt is adorable and the fabrics sigh, I am a fabric-holic.

  7. Thank you both! I couldn't believe how simple the shrug is to make!

    Can't wait for M is for Make to start stocking velveteen!

  8. Brilliant brilliant brilliant! your outfit, fab the jacket fabric was adorable. You got a fab pattern and fabric from the swap!! And a good job on the shopping too. It was a real pleasure to meet yo for real lol, I'm looking forward to the next time.

  9. I love the shrug - fabulous color! And those fabrics are a delight! I cannot wait to see the projects you make with those :) Well done with all of your sewing!

  10. Thank you both! I'm thinking I need to get cracking for Me Made June!


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