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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A little bit more retail therapy

I know I know, I've bought quite a bit lately but with the London meet outfit disaster and Me Made June coming up I was beginning to panic slightly hence the fabric splurge!  The first item isn't fabric though but it's PRETTY!

Crackle glazed yellow round glass with silver coloured pedestal and a silver coloured lid

View from above
I picked this up in TK Maxx, now I always find this place a bit hit or miss and today was a hit!  I think it's supposed to be used in the bathroom to put cotton wool balls but this lovely object is going to have pretty sewing things in.  I like how it's like a snow globe and a candle holder all in one and the colour of the glass is amazing!

My next hit was this

Orla Kiely box
'An Orla Kiely box?'  you say, 'whatever for?'  Well, although I like the box it was the contents and the price that I was interested in!

Orla Kierly pillow cases in brown with a white leaf pattern

Close up of pattern
These pillow cases are enormous, so big in fact that although I originally thought that I'd make a skirt from them I think I can squeeze out a dress!  I love this designer's patterns but find they're just far too expensive normally.  I know I don't normally go for brown but I can't stop imagining it with some of the gold ribbon I got the other day as a sash/belt and my revamped shoes.

Then I popped into Hobbycraft, again not my favourite shop but since I'm getting a bit desperate for an outfit for the meet, needs must and all that.  So I spotted some red and pink spotty Amy Butler fabric that I'd ummed and ahhhed over before and decided that instead of making a dress for the meet I'd make a top and skirt and thus will go towards Me Made June, two birds and one stone...I'm liking it!

Fizz sat on the red fabric with pink spots, red zip and red satin binding
Fizz has to sit on any new fabric I bring into the house to check that it's passable and apparently this is ok.  I'm glad as have been hankering for this fabric for a little while.  I'm thinking just a simple a-line skirt with some binding in the seam between the waistband and the main part of the skirt, although I may need to put some pockets in.  If the AMH skirt pattern turns up before the end of the week I might use that if I've got enough fabric for the pattern.  I'm thinking of just making a plain pink cotton top, not sure of the pattern that I'll use yet.

In other news, I've finished the Charlaine Harris book that arrived yesterday, the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse series and boy does it leave you with SO many questions and hoping that the next instalment is published soon!  I've also attached all the extra buttons and hemmed the shirt dress and given it it's first outing!  Was a little worried at first that it was a bit short as put my pink raincoat on as wasn't sure what the weather was upto and the dress wasn't that much longer than it...oops!  It's ok though it's not indecent and after I got used to it it's fine so I'm thinking of the next one I can make!


  1. Oh pretty storage... always a good thing! You could use the box for zips and stuff too... Looking forward to pics of the Liverpool ;-)

  2. Will try and get a pic in the sunshine today for you! Thank you ever so much again for the lend!

    I love pretty boxes to put things in, just need to start putting things in them now! haha! ;)

    Looks like I'm having problems with Firefox so this is why the comments thing has changed and may not be able to comment all the time until it's fixed. Bear with me everyone!

  3. What lovely fabric choices. I think you deserve it after your recent challenges. Keep smiling!! Hope to see you in London in not long!

  4. Wooo! You're coming to London too? Can't wait to see what you make for the meet!

    Glad you like the fabric, thanks for the boost!


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