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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

MMJ Day 13 and a little help please

So work day was naff and it's going to be a naff week so am trying to get as much sewing as I can tonight but I've hit a small problem.  Here's today's outfit first it's a Prima pattern top made using the cotton I got when I went to London on the Sew Weekly meet up.  The sash is also me made from a remnant I got at the market the trousers and flowers are shop bought.

me made blush pink top with 3/4 sleeves and me made pink sash.
I like this top, the pleats at the neck and on the sleeves add interest, there's no zips, buttons or fasteners of any kind, which although it's a quick and easy make and easy to pull on for me it needs cinching in at the waist hence the sash on a work day.  The sash was originally made to go with the meet up outfit but decided I needed some more blue so wore a blue sash instead.

Think I mentioned that I've been working on a 60s style dress, this is as far as I've got and although I know where the problems are I'm not sure what to do to rectify them as have a couple of options, here take a gander:

It's about 6inches too long and needs some front darts I think

My sexy pegs as sick of sticking myself with pins.  Not sure if the back darts need to be a bit deeper or if this is just the pegs

I'm not lopsided, the floor dips in where there used to be a recessed door mat.  Again not sure if it's the pegs or if deeper darts are needed

Just because.

And because I was told I looked like a dinosaur so thought I'd put some more effort into it!

An alternative to putting bust darts in or more probably in addition to as not sure if there's just too much of the main pattern fabric, I'm thinking of sewing on a band to cinch in the waist.  There are three contenders, this one a silky satin-y green with a lighter green pattern in flowers on it.

Contender number two a light green that has a slight sheen to it.  It will be thinner than this when I do it but this is just to get an idea of the colour

Contender number three a dark green cotton
Contender number two is the front runner in our household, but I'm putting the vote out there folks.  I'm not saying I'll take your advice as I'm a stubborn bird but your comments will be noted and considered!  haha! ;)


  1. Hahaha! Good dino! I'd go for number 2 as well

  2. I vote, contender number 1 - I prefer the colour combination.
    It definitely needs something to break it up a little. Good thinking with a sash :)

  3. Thank you, dinosaurs were my thing as a kid! And as you can see I've not fully grown up!

    Kirsty, I was hoping to get away without a zip but that's not going to happen so thought I'd be savvy and get all adjustments in before putting in the zip to save a headache later on!

  4. Number two! Definitely suits having something in the middle to break up the main fabric, clever thinking dinomissus :-)

  5. Going to vote for number 2. You'll be proud - bought material for a me outfit today!!!!

  6. Hi Mimi, my vote is n1. love th dino impression ! xx

  7. Number two looks great from here too! I think a little bit of front darting might be in order as well. The "from the side" pictures show that it's hanging straight down from your..ahem..most sticking out point. And that makes you look bigger than you are. Ask me how I know!! I think you have a lovely summer winner there though. Thanks for the thoughts the other day. Things are looking up.

  8. Can't stop laughing at the dinosaur pic!

  9. Thank you everyone! There's more funny pics today too!

    Mary, I laughed so hard when I read your comment! You're absolutely right as always though.

  10. Well, looks like it's contender number 2! Thank you everyone for your help and lovely comments.


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