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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

MMJ Day 17

As requested by Sarah, here's some Jazz hands for today!  Hope you like them, they're me made! haha!

Jazz hands!!!
This is the much loved and well worn Amy Butler Lotus pattern tunic dress from Amy Butler fabric.  I can't recommend this enough as it's such a good fit and love the style of the neckline and it's comfortable.  I did take the front darts in more than the pattern stated to get a more fitted look but that's it I followed the instructions to the letter and it was the first dress I made.

So glad I've got this far without repeating yet in Me Made June.  Not sure how it's going to go from tomorrow onwards!  Anyway I'm proud of the progress I've made from Me Made March.


  1. Yay! Love the Jazz hands! How bout a Brucie pose tomorrow? lol Well done though, day 17 and no repeating, I couldnt do that with my bought wardrobe!

  2. a hugh wow, I love this dress, you are doing so well at the MMJ challenge!

  3. Great! I've had this pattern languishing in a drawer for the best part of a year - am inspired to try it now.

  4. You really need to try it, it's such a good pattern, I like the variations you can do with it. Can't wait to see your version!


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