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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Felt addict

Ok, it's probably been obvious for some time now but I have a shameless felt addiction and it's getting worse.  Not only have I forced asked J nicely to buy me a felt kit for Christmas but bought myself a smaller kit as couldn't wait until Christmas and took advantage of a discount the shop was offering and bought a present for one of my nieces too, so it was practically forced upon me to buy it.  Then in a bid to support a new shop in a town I frequent quite often and to peruse their wares in an attempt to think of something spectacular as a present for my mother I may have accidentally bought a bit more kit and some felt sheets.  I may also have used my time to make something from said new kit using the other kit that I already had (J raised his eyebrows when I was opening this all up and I couldn't work out whether he thought I was opening somebody else's present or was thinking the same thing I'm getting to) used my evening to make a project; that although I'm happy to relinquish as a present, was made purely for my own gratification when I should have been finishing off the already planned Christmas presents.  I refuse to feel guilty about this.  

Red felt rose with green felt leaves looking straight down onto the petals

Side view of the rose with the leaves on the left hand side

I do however feel guilty that I broke one of the felting needles from my new kit within 10 minutes of putting it all together and spent another 10 minutes looking for the sharp end that had broken off only to find that it had miraculously embedded itself into the foam block, crisis averted.  I may also have stayed up way past my bedtime finishing this project and then started another as it seemed such a good idea at the time as I also managed to imbibe a few glasses of wine.  (How any of the work I did is passable is anybody's guess and how lucky was I not to tip red wine over anything!)

Another view looking down but not so close up
Close up of side on view with leaves to the left
So, I think what I'm saying is, there may be more felt related posts - fair warning.


  1. admit it, that rose was white until you spilled a glass of red wine all over it? lol, I wanted to try felt making back at the beginning of the year, before I even started quilting ... and here I am a year down the road and haven't tried it yet! I will watch your adiction, I mean progress with the felt kit with interest, and maybe I'll try next year! Happy feeling! (the word felt sounds so past tense!!)

  2. Ok, you got me! haha!

    I'm not sure needle felting would be a good idea for you, simply because the needles are the sharpest things I've ever known and you have to use them to punch into the felt to meld it together and can envisage lots of trips to A&E if you're not careful. I mean I broke one within 10 mins! I may need a subscription or some sort of loyalty card for A&E myself! hehe!

  3. That rose is very pretty! I visited my old teacher from primary school and her current class this spring (she sometimes asks alumni to talk about their "life after primary school", it's very cute) and they were needle-felting easter bunnies! A bunch of ten-year-olds! I've been thinking about trying it, but I guess right now I don't need another hobby. Maybe next spring, though, when knitting season is over. :)

  4. That is one beautiful rose, I can see why your addiction is getting worse! x

  5. Alessa, 10 year olds felting bunnies! My goodness, they'll be experts before they're 15! Eeek!

    Charlotte, it's a bad addiction, but I love it! hehe!

  6. It looks lovely. There are so much worse things to be addicted to! Have a good week. x

  7. Mimi, this rose is so cute & I'm guessing then that it is needle felting you've been doing? Did you see what Kirsty did recently? Needlefelting decorations to a felted bolero? #swoon# I am already looking forward to following your felting adventures!

  8. Thanks Deb! Yeah, you're right, could be quilting! hehe!

    Mrs SB I missed that episode so shall go find it on 4OD now! I do love a bit of Kirsty Allsopp crafting madness! hehe!

  9. thats a beautiful rose. While I know I could google it, would you mind doing a post explaining what needle felting actually is? My experiences with felt involve glue and googely eyes, safety scissors and preschool.....

  10. Thanks Allison! I will do but it may not be soon simply because I'm feeling a little under the weather but will try a shot by shot tutorial.

  11. Your rose looks great! Did you start with prefelted sheets, or did you needle-felt all the way from roving? I'm not patient enough for true needle felting, so I often start from a boiled wool sweater or a sheet of wool felt. It make everything so quick! :)

  12. Thanks Gillian! I needle felted all the way from roving! I got a kit and some needles, but thinking I need to get one of those pen type things rather than the wooden knob top type I was using as managed to break a needle as they're too far apart for the mould. I haven't tried boiling a sweater yet and have a kit to make the roving into felt sheets which I'm hoping to try out soon.


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