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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finished Taffy

Hurray!  After waiting what seemed like aaaaages to be able to go somewhere to get bias binding I managed to finish the Taffy blouse...and promptly hated it.  I thought all I needed was a pair of castanets as the sleeves looked like something you'd wear for flamenco dancing as the bias binding had made the sleeve edges really stiff.  I was on the verge of tears and taking pinking shears to it as nothing seemed to go with it.  You should have seen my bedroom it was like a whirlwind had hit it there were so many clothes thrown across the bed in desperation they were falling on the floor.  I tried it with just about every skirt in my wardrobe and it didn't look right with anything. 

It was too long for the skirts to be untucked but when it was tucked in it was too poofy and this is where I started getting really frustrated.  I tried some of the belts that I have that I thought would be good but nothing looked right.  I then remembered some thick pink satin ribbon in my stash and thought this would work as a temporary obi belt as knew it was so long it would go round me a few times.  This helped the whole poofy thing but not what to wear on the bottom.  I tried it with jeans untucked but was not sure on this either and then J came to my aid.  My knight in shining armour.  He picked up one of my discarded skirts that I hadn't even put on as thought it would look stupid and told me to try that as it would pick up on one of the colours in the top pattern (I know, I am SO lucky) and what do you know it looked good! 

So meltdown over I was ready to go and meet our friend for lunch!

Taffy blouse in purple voile fabric with flower pattern in teal and pink with bright pink satin ribbon as belt and teal linen skirt, purple tights and grey boots

I think the sleeves have calmed down a bit after being under my coat so don't think they look too flamenco dancer any more.  The neck is still standing a bit proud so I think a better pressing is in order.  I think if I make this top again I will shorten it at the waist, put in front and back darts and a side zip as need to wear things that are more fitted.  I love this top on other people but have noticed they are slimmer and have a smaller bust than I do.  This causes me a little concern about the Licorice dress as I love the look of it but fear that it would look like a sack on me.  I shall have to make a muslin before using any fabric that I love on it as don't want it to end in tears.

My hair is a little windswept as we went for a walk down the wetlands today and to say the wind was bracing would be putting it mildly!  I got some pretty photos with my camera though.

view of the track on the way into the wetlands with the sun direct ahead

the lighthouse is in the distance with viewing ports through the fences on either side of the track to view the birds on the lakes

The lighthouse

View of a swan in the distance taken through one of the viewing ports

Looking out to sea over the mudflats

Amazing rippled mud flats

Water reeds with sunlight shining through

I do love going to the wetlands, although it's a lot more popular and therefore busy now which although is good for the charity and therefore the birds and other wildlife, I liked it better when it was quieter...I'm just selfish.  I have been left feeling more refreshed though to get on with my other sewing tasks.  Hurray!


  1. glad it worked out in the end! x

  2. Mimi... I thought you look so elegant ... Xx

  3. I am so sorry that Taffy has given you a run for your money. I found a fabric for it but I am apprehensive as I am busty and short, I might have to really dissect this pattern when making it, maybe I will photograph as I go to fine tune some pointers. However, kudos on the skirt match it does look lovely on you. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Your Taffy looks great! Just thought I'd let you know that last week, I discovered satin bias tape. It's a lot drapier than cotton tape. I found it in John Lewis, when I was looking for binding for artificial silk. I sewed with it today and it went on realy easily. Makes my neckline and armholes a lot more fluid than cotton tape would have.

  5. You look great in the blouse! I have been very tempted to make the Taffy first from the handbook, but I think i'm going to turn it into a very long tunic and wear it as a nightgown. At least for my first try. :-)

  6. The outfit looks like a dress, all the pieces work together.

    Isn't it the worst when a project is meant to be easy and you end up working longer and harder than expected? At least it worked out and you have a nice addition to your wardrobe!

  7. Thank you ever so much guys!

    I did use satin bias tape on this, it just went a bit strange! Maybe a wash and it will be ok.

    I have been thinking that it would be good as a dress.

    I can't thank all of you enough, you are all very kind ladies indeed! Thank you.

  8. That's a beautiful outfit and you look beautiful in it! I'm glad all the labor paid off.

  9. Thank you very very much KC! It was worth it.

  10. very pretty! the colors, the belt and the whole outfit look very put together. Could you also try making the shirt a *lot* longer and wearing it as a dress with the same sort of belt?

  11. Well honey I think you must've been a flamenco dancer in a previous life as the "poofy flamenco sleeves" REALLY SUIT YOU!!! J is a top bloke, and I hope you rewarded him accordingly ;-) You look fabulous in the pic, wear it with pride!

  12. Thanks Alison, I have been thinking about making it into a dress. Would be very fabric hungry though as it's cut on the bias.

    Haha! Thank you Sarah! I ahall!

  13. I think it looks great, but when youre not happy yourself it can be so frustrating. Sounds like it ended well. x x x

  14. Mimi, it looks a million dollars - the colours are perfect on you & the sleeves (not poofy), neckline & cinched in waist all look so pretty. I think it's a winner, but shame you have been having your doubts/ trials with it.

  15. By the way - lovely photos! Very atmospheric & wonderful light.

  16. Thanks Charlotte! Was miffed but now I think I'm ok with it.

    Mrs SB, I think it was the fact that I had to do so much to it to make it look 'right' for me. I think I'll keep it though, you've all convinced me!

    Thanks for liking the photos, I'm getting better with the new camera! hehe!

  17. I think you're wearing a lovely ensemble! Bravo for not giving up on it completely!

  18. Thanks Miss Grand! It was a close one but just can't face defeat!

  19. I think it looks great on you, and I love the pics you've posted of your walk. :) ---Medha

  20. Thanks Medha! It really is a lovely place for a walk.


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