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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Out and about with my shiny new camera

Just a few snaps as it was actually dry and not too blustery today to take my shiny new camera for a spin.  I'm going to try and find a photography course of an evening that I can take part in to get better photos.

Pretty coloured tree
View of the river curving round the bend with the footbridge in the background
Where the river turns to rapids and throws up the water into waves
My shiny new shoes!
Underpass with steps beyond
Weird looking tree
close up of the bars on the gate to the brickworks, love the contrast of colours
View of the mountain
pretty clouds in a blue sky...
A shard of purple glass, if you look closely you can see my reflection in the glass!
Pink flowers in my back garden
And because she always steals the show here's a picture of Fizz in a box...she claimed it as it was left on the kitchen floor which has underfloor heating so I'm guessing she's going to use this for a while as a sleeping place.

hmmmm...I'm so snug and warm!  Look at the smug look on her face!

Oh and I couldn't go without showing you my pretty birdies I had for my birthday from my sister.

Light up bird number one

Light up bird number two

light up bird number three

I'll leave it there for now so I don't overload you with pictures!


  1. mimi, looks like you had lost of fun with your camera!

  2. It was nice to go out and it not be raining or really overcast for a change!

  3. You certainly live near beautiful surroundings... and trees... *sigh*... lol Glad you've been having fun and love Fizz in a box.

  4. Well, cat in a hat is Soooo last year darh-ling, every cat worth it's cream knows boxes are this season's must have accessory! ;)

  5. Maggie cat loves boxes too, but in a more distructive way! She will claw at them with vigour until, after about a week, there's precious little left but scraps of cardboard! If you flatten out a box though she will curl up on that, until she decides to do her nails on it and then it's just a matter of time before it disintegrates too!

    I do miss that lovely part of the world! So pretty!

  6. Oh, she's been clawing at it but she's too comfortable to do too much damage yet!

    You'll have to come back for a visit!

  7. Great photos! What a beautiful part of the world you live in.

    And those lamps are stunning. If I lived closer I might have to come over and steal them. xx

  8. Hmmm...will have to keep them under lock and key then! hehe!


  9. Having fun with your camera! Great reason for getting out and about. Lovely photos, beautiful winter scenery and love the birds. My cat also seems to be attracted to any open box- even if it seems too small .... Funny beings, it must be the coziness!

  10. Thanks Mrs SB! Yeah there was a smaller box inside that box which had to be removed for the furry one to be happy! It was just too small!


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