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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm a bit Folksy

So I've got a Folksy shop!  I've been a busy busy bee making lots of new things and thought why not open a shop on Folksy?  So I did and here it is!  I spent ages taking the photos for these listings and think they're pretty alright even if I do say so myself and I LOVE some of the others I'm going to list over the weekend.  I'm super duper excited!

I've also finished up my felt balls and made them into a necklace and had some lovely comments for it today when I wore it to work.  I took Alessa's advice and found some small white and clear glass seed beads to separate them and then tied on some yellow faux suede cord and a brass closure.  I love the colours on this necklace and am itching to make some more felt balls now!

Me looking the wrong way holding the camera to take the picture in a mirror to show off my multicoloured necklace
 I realised after taking this picture that I had FINALLY found a tripod for the camera and should blumming well use it.  Well, I put it all together set the timer and the cat stood in front of it as that's always a good place to stand.  I then reset it and thought 'this is taking too long, did I set the timer at all' and it went off so I had a lovely shot of me whirling the camera round.  I then tried again and forgot to set the this point J took pity on me and came to take a photo of me, I'd been trying to avoid him having to do this, and the batteries run out!  Laugh, I could have cried!  I do sometimes wonder whether my MA is written on that plastic cheese you get in squares...

I also need to say a big THANK YOU to Caroline at Gran Plumley as she nominated me for a Sunshine Award!  I'm so chuffed!

Favourite colour:  purple and blue
Favourite animal: cat, but gotta love a magpie, flamingo and llama and alpaca!
Favourite number: 3
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: tea by the bucket please! and if you've got some cake or a biscuit to go with it I'd be in heaven!
Facebook or twitter: nada
My passion: making, whether that be sewing or felting or jewellery making I love having something to do
Getting or giving presents: both
Favourite Pattern: Amy Butler and Colette patterns
Favourite day of the week: Friday/Saturday
Favourite flower: Sunflowers were always my favourites as a child but I love peonies and chrysanthemums (and have finally learnt how to spell it too!)
Favourite celebrity role model: hmmm...tough one...only one I can think of is Kirstie Allsopp and that's only because I love her wit and my sister once told me she reminded her of me because of the style of clothes and attitude apparently! hehe!

And so to those who bring me sunshine!
Have a happy sunshine filled weekend everyone!  Even if it is going to bucket down with rain all weekend in! ;)


  1. Love the felt ball necklace! Good luck with the Folksy :-) Last time I tried the tripod thingy I got a good few extreme close ups of me frowning and swearing.... lol

  2. Thank you! You should have seen me it was hysterical!

  3. The necklace looks fab, you should definitely make more. Good luck with the folksy shop. I liked reading your ten facts. xx

  4. Thank you! I've been and got more roving today in super bright colours so should have lots more felt balls soon!

  5. I adore your felted necklace, no matter which way you're looking! Congratulations on the new shop, that explains the cute pictures of earrings on teacups I saw gathering at the bottom of the flickr photo feed recently! :) Loved reading your facts and thanks so much for the nomination too!

  6. Thank you! Yeah, I got a bit Flickr crazy trying to get everything labelled right and tagged. It does exasperate me sometimes! Glad you liked the nomination!

  7. I LOVE your necklace! So pretty, and stylish. The colours suit you too.

    Kirstie Alsopp is my (super)hero too. And she's just so hilarious!

  8. yay! loving your balls!!!!!! they look wonderful...make more, make more - i bet you have super soft hands after all that rolling!! and well done on opening your folksy shop...mine is nearly ready for business...where can i buy a few more hours in each day...can i buy that on folksy??? XXXXXX

  9. Thanks Michelle! Glad I'm not going to be lynched for liking someone who's uber popular at the moment like Cath Kidtson was when she became uber popular!

    Caroline my hands were a bit numb in all honesty! They weren't soft at all as I have eczema on my hands and they hate water so had to slather on lots of hand cream on after!
    I know what you mean about not enough hours, I want to know where the time goes when I'm trying to list things...

  10. Cheers for the award! I love awards!

    You'll have to tell me how you like Folksy compared to Etsy once you feel it out a bit.

  11. No problem, always cheers me up to get something so thought it might bring a smile to you!

    I'll let you know as soon as I get a sale...


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