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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

What do you do on a wet and dreary Bank Holiday Monday?

Make felt balls of course! 

I had a felting kit and book for Christmas from J and I've finally got round to having a proper go with the giant mat and everything!  I've had to give up after nine balls as not only was I getting rather wet but my hands were starting to protest. 

Here's all the lovely roving...ooooOOoooh roving!

My small stash of wool roving

I love this stuff.  It's bright, it's soft and the possibilities are nearly endless and I quite like the smell too...  I've been on Etsy looking at lots of pretty roving from Spin City this morning and may need to buy some more as there's sparkly roving!  Pink and yellow sparkly roving may be coming my way shortly.  Who am I kidding, you know I've already ordered it! hehe!

So the product of my endeavours today are these:

Pretty felt balls on the felting mat

Trying to show the balls in all their glory

Pretty colours!
I'm thinking a necklace and maybe a bracelet.  I'm undecided.  I'm tempted to use them all in one necklace and then there's another voice in my head saying "make more felt balls and then you can have a full choice of colour combinations!" but like I said I just can't cope with making any more.  It's a bit repetitive so my threshold today has been nine.  Might try and go back later and do more but at the moment everything is drying out including me.


  1. Happy Easter Mimi, these are very cute. I have made them with dried conkers in the middle, start with a plain colour then add wispy bits as decorations.

  2. They look lovely, and there's an endless use for felt balls!

  3. Happy Easter Charlotte! I've never tried using conkers, then again I'd have to go and find some and it's the wrong!

    Sarah, they are soooo useful! hehe!

  4. Ooo these look lovely! I've bought a felt making kit but haven't used it yet, but seeing this makes me want to have a crack at it.

    P.s I've nominated you for an award over at my blog!! :)

  5. Excellent! They look so perfect. I'll watch out for what's next from your book.....

  6. They look fab, what fun. I think they will make lovely jewellery. And yes, what dreary weather for yesterday.

  7. I left a commentt on previous post but have a feeling I closed it down missing the authentication.
    I was congratulating you on your stall and losing weight without trying - the destiny way,whhich has to be best!

  8. Those look so pretty, I love the colours!
    A necklace sounds lovely, maybe a long one with little glass beads in between?

  9. Thank you ladies!

    Thanks Sarah, I'll go take a look now!

    Mrs SB, I'm so happy I can't tell you, I've even managed to fit into a size 14 top! Woo!

    Alessa, glass beads sound like a good idea I may need to find some tomorrow!


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