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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Facinating facinators

I had forgotten I had some brightly coloured feathers lurking in my sewing room and as soon as I set eyes on them I knew that I wanted to make fascinators!  I've been working on a large black ostrich feather fascinator for some time now and saw these bright beauties and thought some fun and funky ones were needed too.  I think I saw someone make these on their blog, so cannot take responsibility for the basic design but unfortunately cannot give credit as not sure where I saw it.

If you want to make your own here's how I did mine:
  • cut two tear drop shaped pieces of felt at desired size
  • choose nine feathers in three colours and lay them out in desired rows of colours, it's best if you try and find feathers in three different lengths so you can see each of the three layers of colour
  • once layers are chosen start by stitching the middle bottom layer feather to one of the felt tear drop shapes and then the same colour ones on each side, repeat with each layer
  • then get some scrap felt in the same colour as the tear drop shapes, just enough to cover the very bottom of the feathers - the stem bit before the actual feathers start and wrap around and stitch at back
  • start stitching the other tear drop shape to the back of the first until you've stitched round half of it
  • get headband and place feathers at desired spot on headband and sew the headband in between the two felt pieces
  • choose something sparkly to stick to the bottom of the feathers and stick with glue, either hot or super whichever takes your fancy
  • admire yourself in the mirror sporting your new fascinator!
Here's two I made, one is winging it's way to my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend as mentioned in earlier post and I think the other is going to have to be all mine!

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  1. Hehehe, you and your feather fettish! I like the how-to description too, though the mechanics are probably beyond my abilities... engineering was never my strong poiint! ... though I wouldn't look as good as you in ostrich-wear anyway! ;) heh

    I wrote this comment already, but for some reason Blogger didn't seem to post it when I clicked the post button... here's trying again! If you get 2 comments from me, feel free to delete this one!! I find Blogger very confusing to naviggate!


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