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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Look what I made all by myself!

I've actually made a garment that is not only finished but *gasp* wearable!  And to prove it I wore it out before taking pictures so you can see the creases where I sat down in the car and everything! ;)

It's dark blue pin cord with lilac ric rac to add a bit of interest.

As you can see it's been worn and sat in today!  Wanted to check that it was wearable as it's a smidge too big and am deciding whether to take it in or not at the seams or to do darts and be really adventurous!  Here's proof that I even lined it as I had some pretty purple lining that I found in a John Lewis remnant bin (I love remnant bins!) and it was just the right size for this skirt.

A little post watershed I know, but wanted to show you proof that I actually lined it, I'm so proud of myself for achieving this!  This is my trial run for the Clothkits skirt I posted about earlier as I had some pattern paper I copied the skirt pattern to try it out on the pin cord.  I'd been saving the pin cord waiting to pluck up the courage to make an A line skirt with it, and even bought some in purple too but they have been languishing in my stash for weeks.  I think I'll leave the purple one for a little bit as want to get the 'proper' skirt done first now I know how simple and easy the instructions are and that I can be a little more trusting of their seam allowances.  As you can see I'm slightly larger than a size 10 and therefore distrust anything until I've tried it on as it either won't fit or won't suit me, so now I know it really is the size it says it is!  A whole new wardrobe of handmade clothes by me might be in order, I'm off to trawl for Amy Butler fabrics....ahhhhhhhh!

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  1. Very awesome! Every skirt should have a purple lining! I think you'll be the best dressed person in Newport in the hand made designer fabric clothings!!


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