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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Made it by the skin of my teeth

Christmas presents all (mostly) made and packed up, but only by the skin of my teeth as was rather ill before Christmas with that nasty 'flu that was going round.  Didn't make all of the edible gifts I wanted to as didn't want to give everyone a jar of germs!  I've managed to get a few extra days and possibly weeks/months to make some of the other bits as haven't seen all of the family yet due to the lovely weather conditions.  I've made a few biscuits and a cake today, if I can take photos before there's only crumbs left I will!  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


  1. edible gifts? mmmm yes, I think a Magpie Mimi range of edible clothing could be a hit!

  2. Oh you! They were chutneys and biscuits. The edible hats didn't turn out so well...haha!


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