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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fabric, patterns and sewing some things for myself

Happy New Year!  As I forgot in my last post!  Hope you all had a lovely holiday time!  I decided as a treat to myself I'd get the Amy Butler pattern I'd been drooling over for some time and while I was in John Lewis, joy oh joy!  Amy Butler fabric was on half price sale!!!  YAY!  I got three metres of this gorgeous blue flower pattern that I'm going to make the dress from:

The other two fabrics in the photo on the right hand side are the choices I've got for the contrasting fabric on the top of the bodice.  Haven't decided which yet.

I'm going to make the tunic from these fabrics:

The two fabrics on the left hand side are the choices I have for the contrast, think it will depend on how much fabric I need as the yellow is a remnant and the blue and green one is a fat quarter.

For the cami tops I'm going to use these fabrics:

Sorry the picture for the cami top isn't very good, just couldn't get the focus right, but you get the idea.  I'm saving my pennies for a new camera, I've seen a lovely Fuji film one I've got my eye on as it looks like an old style camera. 

The top will be the first time I've made anything with button holes in, so I'm a bit nervous.  But before I do all these I need to finish the skirt I wanted to make to wear Christmas day, better late than never eh?


  1. Ooooh, AMH Little Folks voile... I just ordered some of that for a quilt. I'd love to see it in clothing though, looking forward to your posts on that! x

  2. My boyfriend's mum wasn't convinced that the AMH stuff would make good tops as worries they might be too busy. I love bright colours and patterns so I don't mind, but do have it stuck at the back of my head now. If all goes wrong it might end up as patches for a quilt!

  3. Well thats the beauty of quilting eh! I wouldnt have a clue with regards to what would make good clothing, in fact with regards to making clothing I have no clue full stop! I just enjoy it vicariously through clever folk like you - go for it.

  4. From what I hear in Atlanta there is good money to be made from making quilts for people! Someonw I know scans people's old birthday cards and photos and prints them onto squares for quilting and it seems to be very popular!


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