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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sewing list for 2011

Ok, so today has been a bit posting heavy but what with running round for Christmas and the lack of a working keyboard posting has been impossible and now the keyboard works I'm getting everything down before I forget!

For Christmas I was lucky enough to get this book

So while looking through all of the lovely projects I was making a mental list of what I wanted to make first and then realised it would be a good idea to give myself sewing/making/crocheting goals for the year ahead.

My list so far is in no particular order and with some pictures:

  • Make lounge pants (or pj's as I prefer to call them) from the book

  • Make a camisole from this pattern to match above

  • Make a kimono style bathrobe to match the pj's

     All three will be made from this fabric, hopefully, as I seem to have an abundance of it!

  • Finish making this cowl when I can get the rest of the wool, I ran out and can't seem to find it unless I order it off the net, maybe I'll just do that.
    Close up to show how lovely and rich the colour is on this wool, it's called Bling Blue in Big Softie, what a cute name!
  • Finish the skirt I was supposed to finish and wear on Christmas day
  • Make the cushion covers I promised to make for my mum
  • Make a patchwork blanket for the new baby
  • Make a bag that holds a couple of nappies, wipes and a change of clothes for the new baby that folds so it is it's own bag
  • Make wipeable bibs out of oil cloth
  • Make handbags that I started but haven't finished
  • Make the dress, tunic and tops blogged about earlier
  • Set up Ebay, Etsy, Misi, Folksy shops and start selling!  Maybe even get a stall at whatever fair I can...whoever will have me!
I'm so glad to have crossed one thing off the list already!   I'm not too daunted yet as a few of these things are projects I've already started, but am really thinking I want to start a little business selling what I make on different sites or fairs, if only to have an outlet for the stuff I make before the house becomes overrun.  It would also be useful to get some pocket money to buy some more lovely fabric and wool and sparkly things!

Do you have a new year sewing list?  I'm also pondering joining a sew-a-long...I'm going to be rather busy I think.


  1. Do I have a list? I've been writing it for the last 5 days! Must get it chopped down a bit, I ramble a lot, had you noticed?! Anyway, will blog it soon! x

  2. Can't wait! I love reading what other people have planned, however, it does end up making me think 'could I do that?' and then adding it to my list too! Nah, you don't ramble, no more than me anyway! x

  3. HI
    I have a list that keeps on growing. I want to start selling a few bits this year too - maybe we can have a mutual support system going on? Friends suggested I sell clothes I have made but I don't thinkthat would be cost effective with the time it takes me to make a whole garment, plus the level of finish that would be required, so I am sticking to small things.

  4. A mutual support group sounds like a really good idea...maybe I could set up a group like the Crafty Christmas Club where we can all share ideas and show what we're thinking of selling so we can all vote on how much we think it should go for etc. Maybe even set up a fair ourselves if there's enough of us in a near enough area, what do you think?


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