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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What do you think?

I've got an idea and I want to see what you think, Minnado from Minnado's House planted the germ of the idea in my head in her comment on this post.  What do you think of a 'support group' for crafty bloggers who want to start selling their stuff either online or at fairs (or if they're really lucky in a shop!  Eee!)? 

It could either be a post a month with a guest post from whoever wants to contribute on this blog or I could try and set up another blog with fancy buttons etc like Tilly did for the Crafty Christmas Club.  Only thing is that Folksy and UK handmade already have a well established parts of their sites dedicated to this sort of thing, but if you want something a bit smaller and completely novice as I have no idea then it could be fun!

Leave a comment, give ideas, let me know what you think would be best as if it's only a few of us I'm thinking setting up a whole new blog might not be a good idea and just keep it to this one or a themed post on each blog who's interested in doing this.  Argh, I'm annoying myself now jumping around thoughts and ideas...


  1. Count me in! Thanks for the mention :) If there are only very few maybe we could work some kind of buddy system. I think it could really help me to get motivated and plan the time if I have to go public and say something like I am booking a fair for this month, setting up Etsy this week etc and then report back on progress etc. I am happy to do a shared blog or even a flickr group as you can have related discussion threads with flickr and help you manage it.

  2. I would most definitely need help with a flicker group as never used that and have no idea how to work it!

    I think as long as we keep it free and easy and don't try and give ourselves scary deadlines it should be fun!

    At the moment it's just you and me and I need reigning in as I'm cutting patterns when I haven't finished sewing other projects! My boyfriend is desperately trying to get me to see sense but for some reason I'm on a mission!

  3. If it's just us two how about we post on our blogs say once a month? End of the month? We may get more interest as we go along. Do you want to switch to email to plan


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