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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fluffy little bunny

I've made a fluffy little bunny for my new niece out of the left over fleece from the blanket I'd already made her.  I used the pattern I made for the squirrel but changed the ears to rounded ones and made a wool pompom for the tail.  I also gave her a pink ribbon and embroidered her eyes and nose.  I think it's adorable and am going to make lots more as it's a quick hand sew project and like the way it's a good size for little hands.

I think this will be something I'd like to make more of to sell.  I've not put button eyes on so there's no real small parts to choke on.  I suppose the tail could be pulled off, but you'd have to be a pretty determined baby to do that and the ribbon is stitched on too so would take some pulling to detach.  The stuffing meets the usual standards for toys, so I'm hoping people won't be put off that it's hand made.  I sometimes wonder if parents worry if something is handmade it won't be made as strong as mass produced stuff, I know it doesn't make sense as mass produced stuff is sometimes vulnerable to being shoddy as it's made too quick so as to make money rather than a quality product but I do wonder.

This bunny reminds me of the felt bunny I had as a child which was cerise with funky 70's patterned cotton on the inside of the ears.  It's practically flat though as he was well loved, will post a picture when I remember where he is.  And yes he was a 'he' even though it's a pink bunny!  So I hope this bunny will be as well loved as mine was.


  1. Thats one cutie pie little bunny!

  2. Thank you! It's going to be hard giving it away...


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