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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me Made March Day 23

Feeling a little repetitive so going to try and make a skirt in an evening tonight from that lovely grey cord I got one the weekend. Also picked up the new Burda magazine today so may see what inspires me as still working on that self drafted top and I'm just not feeling it right now.

Here's my outfit for today, as you can see the Fizz cat gets more annoyed as the photos progress, she's not keen on being picked up but wanted a fuss while the photos were being taken so she was fair game!

Me wearing me made clothkits skirt, grey vest top and grey satin wrap top, grey tights and boots and holding the not too happy Fizz

Same outfit but Fizz is trying to escape...going

Going...gone!  Fizz and me in an action shot where she's about to launch herself out of my grip in disgust at being picked up!
Well, better stop procrastinating and get on with some sewing.  The bag for my sewing buddy only needs a few finishing touches now and it looks good even if I do say so myself!  Really happy with how it's turning out.

Hope all your projects are going well!


  1. ROFL! (literally...doh!) You gotta love cats. Thats what happens every time my man picks up elliecat. Looking forward to seeing the cord skirt. I want one now. And I dont even wear skirts!

  2. lovely, lovely skirt! - i do like a bit of cloth kits action...i haven't actually bought anything from them, but the website is fantastic!! - and do you think your sister could post me a little parcel too....she's got great taste and green is my fave colour...xx

  3. Sarah you have to try a nice a-line cord skirt! Fizz is very affectionate as long as we don't pick her up and she's not convinced on sitting on our laps either. She's getting better though.

    Caroline you have to keep any eye out for their sales, sign up for the newsletter...although it becomes very tempting to buy more then!

    Haha! Yeah, well my sister is making me work for it as she wants a bag from the green and will use one of the glass beads as a zip pull. Just can't decide whether to use the yellow or brown shiny lining material I have for the green.


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