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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me Made March Day 22

Well, still working on that top I've been drafting myself...still worrying it's all going to go horribly wrong at some point and is going to end up in the scrap basket.  However, have been side tracked as been doing a bit of TLC on J's work coat as it was ripped to shreds in places...tut tut.  All patched up and out of sewing hospital now thankfully as it's a padded jacket so had to make sure I didn't pull through any of the padding and the outer is water resistant so it's quite thick and hard to sew by hand but there was no way I could use the machine on it.  Anyway, all over now.

Outfit today is my lovely tunic dress that I adore as I feel a million dollars in it!

Me wearing me made Amy Butler Lotus pattern dress and a smug look as I'm reclining on my sofa and have a cider!

I know it's not the weekend or even mid week but the cider was a treat!  Sorry but J wasn't home early enough to get a shot outside...which brings me onto my next exciting thing - I'm getting some funky new glasses!  Yay!  They're black and red and should be ready in about a week so am waiting rather impatiently for them!

AND when I got home there was a fab package waiting for me!  Look Look!

Three lovely green glass beads, two metres of Amy Butler water garden in 'forest' and a remnant that has lovely fluffy bits of wool in pink, red and orange in stripes
How amazing a gift is that?  My sister posted it to me yesterday and the postman managed to stuff it through my post box today so it was patiently waiting for me tonight!  I've been asked to make a bag from the green fabric and then the rest is a gift to me!  So I'm thinking a skirt from the green and I'm not sure about the white fabric with the fluffy wool bits, maybe a table runner as it's not that wide, or a bag and some other bits...any suggestions?  The beads I think should be zip pulls.

Making good progress on the bag for my sewing buddy as the lining is now attached to the outer so need to do the handles now.

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