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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Me Made March Day 29

Ok so today feels like it's been a long old slog to get this far in MMM, the top I wanted to wear today is un-salvageable as a top so I think I'll just buy another metre of fabric and make the whole dress as there's not enough fabric left to fix it.  I thought of making something else but right now I'm all worn out, especially since when I was looking through the Burda magazines I have and realised that I needn't have faffed about with the top of the dress trying to make it into a top as there was a top there exactly the same!  Aaarrrggghhh! 

I thought it was just for stretchy fabric only so I dismissed it until I thought of making a top with that remnant of jersey I got yesterday.  Maybe I need to finish that floral dress as I've taken the skirt part off it and now need to reattach it again, only thing is it's just too nice to wear to work and there's no more weekends in March.  Poo.  And don't suggest I have a day off, it's just far too tempting as it is!! ;)

In other nicer news I got my new glasses today! Yay!  Freebie!  So I decided to do a bit of 'Vogue-ing' to show them off:

Me looking a tit trying to show off my shiny new glasses
They're mainly black with red on the edges, not that you can see in the photo unfortunately.  Here's the outfit in full, it's boring as you've seen it before, but I still look a tit trying to make you all laugh.

full shot of purple cord skirt me made, everything else is either shop bought or gifted apart from the screen of course
Oh well two days left and I already know what I'm wearing Friday.  Need to decide whether I'm going to get new fabric for the Horrock's dress or use the fabric in my stash that I've been thinking about....hmmmm


  1. Thank you! Think I may need to treat myself to another pair as these ones were free through work and although I like them, they aren't as colourful as I'd like...I'm considering green this time as had blue and pink already in years past.


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