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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Me Made March Day 7

I managed to rope my trusty work colleague into taking my picture again, yay!  It's yea olde favourite Amy Butler Lotus pattern top in plain yellow and a shop bought skirt.

Me smiling sweetly wearing a yellow Lotus pattern top and shop bought skirt with diagonal stripes in brown, yellow, blue, green and orange, brown tights and trusty Dr Martens in red

I really like this top pattern, I fitted it a bit more closely that the one I made from cotton voile as it's a thicker and stiffer fabric it needed to be more structured. 

Close up of me wearing the yellow Lotus top
I think the shape is rather flattering and it's easy to sew, especially when you only need a metre of fabric and 7 buttons.

I'm going to be doing a Sound of Music number tonight as I'm trying to wind up one of the women in work by making a skirt tonight from a curtain.  She thinks it's hysterical that I made a dress over the weekend as she's not very domesticated and thinks that it's all rather complicated.  She's lovely and I really want to make her laugh and show her it really is easy if you keep it simple!  Could be famous last words...


  1. Good luck with that Maria! Another lovely top, the shape of the neckline/to shoulders is lovely. Very flattering like you said :-)

  2. I've cursed myself. Having technical difficulties with the elastic, wishing I'd stuck with zips... Grrr

    Thanks for liking the top, there will be more!


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