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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me Made March Day 8

I had to rope a different work victim, ahem, I mean colleague into taking my picture today.  Wasn't having a good day so sorry I don't look as cheerful as normal.

Me made skirt with Primark t-shirt and bolero from Zara I think many years ago. Necklace same me made one posted last week.
This is a Burda pattern skirt with an added panel at the bottom as it's just a bit too short for me otherwise, more about this on this post

The Sound of Music skirt didn't quite happen, well, it got made but I hated it so it's going to be taken apart and reborn as a different style of skirt.  As I'm panicking that I won't have anything to wear tomorrow I'm hastily making another A-line skirt from the fabulous green fabric I got on the weekend pictured here.

If you're participating in Me Made March are you running out of clothes yet?  Are you hastily sewing like me?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who's badly under prepared?  Are we allowed to double up or anything?  Eeeck!


  1. Aw, surely its not against the rules of me made march to wear the same thing twice! I cant imagine the stress you'd be under having to make something for every day... Hope the green skirt goes better than the curtain :-)

  2. I'm having to admit I'm human and in pain and give up as tried to alter a skirt I wasn't happy with the fit of and it's finished me off. So I shall be wearing something I've worn before and Na Naa Na Naaa Na to anyone who thinks it's wrong!

    See next post for the outcome of the skirt.

  3. Prop yourself up comfy on the sofa and embroider something, that'd count as a revamp / restyle... Hope your back can be sorted out soon :-(


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