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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Me Made March Day 5

As I was up at the crack of dawn thanks to an alarm going off all night, I thought I'd get cracking on the raspberry colour dress I mentioned in this post and managed to finish it!  I teamed it with a tulle underskirt I already owned, sadly not handmade, and went out and bought some more fabric! ;)

Me in the garden wearing my raspberry dress and grey Dr Marten boots as it's too cold for heels

It's ok, I'm not nuts, I took my cardi off before having the picture taken so you can see the dress.  My only issue with it is that the neckline seems to keep wandering south so I'm glad I'm wearing matching undies that are pretty enough to show a peep of!  This doesn't happen with this version that I made as a top, so not sure whether it's the cardi or the fit yet.  I also seem to be having an issue with pointy darts that make me look like I'm permanently smuggling peanuts, not sure what I'm going to do about that either yet but think Gertie of Gertie's new blog for better sewing fame had a similar problem in the past so will see what she did to solve it!

I did try and get a picture of the tulle but was laughing so hard I nearly fell over so you can't really see it, but have a laugh anyway.

Me being a tit trying to look all burlesque by showing off my tulle underskirt and failing miserably because I can't stop laughing

Here's what I bought today, I'm thinking a simple skirt with a bright yellow waistband.  It was so hard to choose a fabric in the shop as there were so many lovely lovely patterns but I'm trying to be good as I've got lots in my stash I need to get through.

green cotton with white flowers which have either blue, yellow, red or darker green centres

This is what I bought on my way home yesterday that I forgot to take a picture of, managed to get more than the 3 metres I asked for as there was a fault in the fabric, so got about 0.5 metres free!  The fault was that the fabric had been stitched together from two pieces to go on the roll so it wouldn't be one continuous length of fabric.  The lady on the stall was very kind to let me have more than I asked for to allow for the fault as she was worried it would ruin my project.  I like nice thoughtful people like that!  Going to make this into a dress as thought it was a nice cool summery colour.

Light blue, almost duck egg blue I suppose fabric with white outline pattern of flowers

Close up of pattern of the white outline of flowers and leaves
Hope you're all having a productive weekend!  Or at least are snuggled up in the warm!


  1. Great sewing! Thanks for the smuggling peanuts laugh!

  2. Thank you! It's one of my favourite phrases as it always gets a giggle!

  3. Aw thanks for that, I had a great laugh! The dress is fab, especially the shape of the skirt part. (dont know technical fashion terms...) And I'm loving the fabric for the new skirt, thats gonna be a summer beauty!

  4. Well, I've got to laugh at myself sometimes so we all might as well join in!

    The skirt part was soooo easy I was shocked! It's just two rectangles gathered together to fit the bodice. As I can be a bit weird about gathers having to be equal or as near as damn it, so maybe took me longer than it should have. Go on, give it a go! Make a piece of clothing for yourself!


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