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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy St David's Day! and Me Made March Day 1

Lovely bright yellow daffodils
Well it's March 1st so can't let it go by without some lovely photos of daffs.  I love how cheery they are, it just brightens up my day!  Here's one I made to put on my desk, but it's a bit top heavy so had to lie it down to take a photo.

Felt daffodil with green pipe cleaner as the stem and green foam leaves

I now have batteries for my camera, if you hadn't noticed, and have taken pictures of what I'm going to be making for the next week or two.

Blue, grey and yellow plaid
This is the fabric I'm going to use for the Burda vintage style skirt, I really like the waterfall style front and the waistband but am a bit worried about putting it together.

Burda magazine picture of model wearing the skirt I want to make

Technical drawing of pattern, the one I want to make is in the top left hand corner
The other project will be this top from the same Burda magazine January 2011:

Photo of Burda magazine top I want to make, really like the red but not what I went for

Blurry photo of technical drawing of the top

I found this fabric in the market in Swansea and fell in love with it, it was the last two metres of fabric too...I think it was fate!

Lovely lovely slightly eye wobbling two shade of green squares

And finally here's the lovely raspberry fabric that I want to make into a dress from which pattern I used to make this top.

The colour isn't quite right, it's a bit darker and pinker but it's lovely cotton
Burda style magazine picture of dress I want to make from above fabric
Technical drawing of dress
And last but not least as this is a photo heavy post, here's what I wore today for Me Made March:
My Amy Butler Lotus pattern dress made with Amy Butler blue flower fabric
I know this is a picture you have seen before here but I'm not looking my best, I'm tired.  But I wore this dress today so it counts.  What have you been wearing for the first day of Me Made March?


  1. Exciting plans ... really adore today's dress. :-)

  2. Thank you! I'm really excited too, but after smashing my hand against the metal kitchen cupboard door handle I'm resting from sewing until tomorrow!


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