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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Burda skirt

I really liked the look on this skirt in the Burda Style magazine and thought I'd give it a go.

Lady from Burda magazine wearing a lemon yellow top and grey skirt holding onto a red bicycle

Drawing of pattern for skirt, I chose view 120 A as didn't want the MASSIVE pockets on the one next to it

I used the 100% cotton I got from the market yesterday, sadly they only had less than a metre left so knew it was going to be a squeeze to get the pattern out of it.  Thankfully I was surprised to find that I could squeeze it all out, but when I tried it on before hemming it I realised that unless I wanted to sew knickers to show off to the world, I needed to make it longer!  I've added on a plain off white strip to the bottom which I think works, but am wondering about whether to embroider similar flowers onto it or whether that might make it too kitsch?  Any thoughts?

I don't have a little helper today so the pictures are me holding the camera to the mirror so they aren't the best!

Me holding the camera wearing a green t-shirt and a 70's style floral print green and brown skirt with box pleat at the front and an off white band at the bottom
I really like the slightly 70's print on this skirt, and if you haven't noticed by now I do seem to have a thing for florals!

A very over exposed close up of the skirt
I can't seem to get the flash right on this camera, but at least you can see the colours and pattern, just put on some sunglasses! ;)

Another over exposed one but showing the side view of skirt close up
Can you just see the pocket?  I had to make one side of the pocket in the off white poly cotton as I didn't have enough of the patterned cotton to make both sides of both pockets in it unfortunately.  I love skirts with pockets but these ones are a little on the large size so may need to make some adjustments if I find them getting in the way when I wear it.

One more front on view as obviously couldn't work out how to take a picture of the back of me as have no idea how to use the timer on this thing.  I really should take lessons.  In any case I'm just so darn proud of the pleat at the front...I just wonder how long it's going to last...


  1. I love the shape of the skirt, the pleat is great! And yeah, get the embroidery needle out, you could trace the large flowers and use a hot iron transfer pen to get a pattern to do exactly the same flowers on the white, in the colours of the patterned fabric... Or not... I'd give it a go anyway!

  2. I shall give it a go then! I've got some carbon transfer paper from Sublime Stitching that I've yet to try out so I think this will be the project!


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