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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Latest patchwork cushion and Chocolat

I've finished the patchwork cushion I had talked about yesterday, it's rather floral and pastel shades make me think of spring.  It's got a fresh feel to it for me and is a gift to my eldest sister.

Oblong shape cushion.  Starting from left floral fabric with a mint green background and pink and red flowers, blue background floral fabric with light pink, dark pink and white small flowers and a heart shape in the centre of it which has a white background with pink roses stitched on with pink embroidery floss, and finally dusky pink fabric with light pink flowers and lots of small green leaves

Whilst stitching the heart to the cushion I decided I needed some background entertainment and so put on the film Chocolat to watch.  I love this film, unfortunately not as much now I've read the book as it's so different and think I would have loved it even more if they'd stuck a bit closer to the book, but the thing I've always loved the most, that still remains, is Juliette Binoche's costumes!  Oh, how I love the colours and the styles.  I'm especially drawn to her peachy colour outfit at the party on the boat for Armande and the one she wore for shouting at the mayor.  Sadly despite how vast the internet is I can't seem to find a full picture of either of these outfits.  So I'm thinking I'd like to find some fabric and make some clothes similar to what she's wearing.  I also love the dark blue dress she wears on the pier when the wind is changing again.  I don't want this to be a costume or copying exercise but I'd like to emulate the look.

I'm working on a skirt pattern from Burda magazine at the moment, it's got a pleat at the front and pockets!  I love skirts with pockets!  I always feel a little lost without pockets.  I bought some fabric from the market yesterday which I'm using for this project and got some more to make another top with.  Like I said yesterday I'm sorely in need of handmade clothes to wear for this Me Made March project.  The funniest thing about the fabric I bought for the top is that it's from JoAnn's, it's funny to me as I've always read on American blogs about JoAnn's and most of them have a love/hate relationship with it and I always wanted to have something from there, just to say I've had a piece of material from there really!  Strange I know but it's just a thing of wanting to know what the fuss was about.  In any case it's pure cotton with a dark brown background and light brown and mauve pattern on it.  Doesn't sound very appetising the way I've just described it, but I like it!

What are you working on?  Are you inspired by film costumes?


  1. Like the sound of those cushions. I will need to learn the art of embelishing my quilts with surface decoration... I was pondering the other day whether I could do some sort of "bumpy stitching" so I could braille descriptions of any printed fabrics I used!

    I have always loved great fashion photos and images. Even hearing that on the radio that Ralph Lauren's collection at New York Fashion Show was very lacey makes my imagination start to picture the kinds of things... I ponder making hats and quilts with lace overtones! lol

    Can you watch the film on he computer and pause it and take a screenshot of the clothing shots you want?

    Probablt the first piece of clothing I was captivated by were the orange jeans from Genie In The Bottle video... and it had nothing to do with the person wearing them (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) ... I never did research who made these wonderful trousers... I just loved the colour and the way they moved... the perfect pair of jeans!

    here's the photo. Blogger won't let me insert the picture into a comment :(

  2. What a really sweet cushion! I must say i'm impressed you managed to watch that movie and do something else at the same time - I would be too busy drooling... Johnny Depp and CHOCOLATE...

  3. I've watched it so many times now I know it back to front I think! I only did the heart, the rest I'd already done so not too much to concentrate on. Johnny Depp is very good to look at though isn't he? ;)

  4. Love it! You truly inspire me with how much you sew. And I got a few of your book recommendations too!!

  5. Thank you! Hope you enjoy the books!


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