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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dolly blanket

One of my other sisters asked me to make a patchwork blanket like this one and this one I made for my other nieces but instead of a full size one, she wanted one for my niece's doll as apparently the dolly needs a blanket.  As my sister doesn't like oranges or browns or greens and she doesn't seem that keen on yellow either, she told me she wanted it in blues and turquoises, at this point I'm wondering who the recipient really is, but as my niece hasn't turned two yet getting her opinion on colour choices is rather difficult to get.

So here's the little blanket, I hand stitched the oblongs together, put on the fleecy back like the other two as had enough left over and put some cute lavender colour binding round the edge which I machined and then machined round all the oblongs.  I'm no quilter, I need lots of practice yet and my designs so far are as simple as I can get them especially with a tight deadline as my niece will get it this weekend as it was her birthday yesterday but I'm pretty happy with it.

Front view of blanket showing some blue floral, plain dark blue, chicken fabric and mice fabric and some sneaky pink and blue flower fabric too and some flocked fabric too
Back of blanket showing the machined stitches outlining the oblongs and a few 'puck ups' near the binding

As the caption states, there were a few 'puck ups' on the fleece backing, if you're wondering why I've suddenly gone for very descriptive captions on my photos, it's because my good friend Giles pointed out that for the visually impaired it's hard to know what the picture shows if all the reader could tell him was the jpeg number!  Take a look at his blog on his adventures as a visually impaired quilter, I can highly recommend it!

I'm off to finish another patchwork cushion.  Happy Sewing!

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  1. Your descriptions make those fabrics sound so good! Love the "sneaky flowers" hehe.

    eeeeee thank you for mentioning my blog! :)


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