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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This weeks sewing

By the end of this week I'm hoping to have sewn two tops and a skirt.  I've had a bit of a rest from sewing this week as crocheting two cowls slightly pushed my luck with my RSI.  So I took a bit of a breather.  This week I'm going to see how fast I can sew now I've got the hang of button holes.

I've cut the fabric for the two tops, just plain cotton as they're to go with a very busy print skirt I want to make.

It's a wonder I get any sewing done what with Fizz having to sit on anything I'm working on.  As you can see she's trying to look as cute as possible.  They're both going to be Lotus cami tops as seen here.  I'm going to make them a bit shorter as feel the blue one I made was too long to wear with a skirt and looks far better with trousers.  Need to find some buttons though, but can't decide whether I want them to blend into the fabric or stand out and be interesting as they're just a plain colour.  Looks like I'm taking a leaf out of Diane Von Faustenburg's Spring collection with strong block colour, if only I could design...*sigh*.

I am however, trying to alter a pattern as have been thinking about the lovely tree pattern fabric I have that I'm making these tops for and have decided that although I want an A-line skirt, I'd like it to have a little bit of interest.  So I'm thinking of making a skirt like this one but instead of just having facings on the inside, I'm going to put them on the outside so I can put some piping in between the facings and main part of the skirt.  I'm sure there's a proper word for the things that are facings on the outside but I don't know it yet, answers on a post card please! ;)

After rummaging in my stash I found some satin bias binding that will go with the skirt fabric and bought an orange zip that instead of putting in the back I'm going to put in the side.

At least I got a Fizz free photo this time.  I can't tell you how much I love this fabric, the colour, the pattern...ahh.  It will bring some much needed sunshine since it's been such awful weather lately, all wet and very very windy.

In other news, I finally got to finishing the other quilt out of the bits left over from the first one, but it's a lot smaller, so after some discussion with my sister, the big one will go to my older niece who's had her eye on it for some time now, and the smaller one to my new baby niece.

Happy stitching!


  1. Quilt and crochet and cutting out 2 tops, you dont half get a lot done! Love seeing Fizz, its nice to know my cat isnt the only one that insists on sitting on whatever I'm working on given even half the chance... Despite having her own dedicated space on my shelves, with a hot water bottle...

  2. Wow, your cat is spoilt! A hot water bottle! hehe! ;) Yeah Fizz has a sixth sense for me cutting fabric or taking photos and just plonks herself down.

    Ah, the quilt was mostly done to be fair, just had to put the back on and do the binding and I was determined to finish it!

    What have you been up to? Feeling any better?


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