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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

I've been a busy little bunny

This week I decided that I would make at least one of the two tops I wanted to make from the Amy Butler Lotus pattern and a skirt from the lovely orange tree print fabric.  I also decided that I wanted to wear at least one piece of handmade clothing each day, my work mates joined in by trying to guess which item of clothing I'd made.

I finished the yellow top Wednesday night so a few hasty photos were taken:

It's got a lot tighter fit than the first one I made as it's a heavier cotton it just didn't look right left how I did this one.  I really feel like I'm not doing the clothes justice taking pictures indoors and at night, but I just get so excited about putting pictures up on here!  Think I need to take the clothes and myself and a little helper to take pictures somewhere nice with a bit of may need to wait a few months.  Although to be fair it was very sunny today.

I feel I look slightly like a Girl Guide in these colours, but it wasn't the top I was wearing with the skirt all day and I teamed the yellow top with a lovely yellow and pink thin stripe skirt for work the next day.  Was pleased that my workmates thought I'd made the skirt as it was from Monsoon, my favourite high street shop (especially when they have a sale).

And then because I was running out of handmade clothes and only had my lovely pink woodland skirt left and don't really want to wear it to work as think it's too pretty, so I made a skirt in an evening!  One evening.  From about 6pm to 10.30pm, I did stop for dinner for about 30 minutes.  I really shocked myself, but damn, I was determined!

I need to take it in a bit, I don't know why but whenever I've made a skirt it's fine once I've finished sewing it and try it on, but when I iron it before wearing it it suddenly becomes enormous and needs taking in...why oh why?  Does anyone else experience this weird force of sewing physics?

I changed the design of this skirt though from the woodland one by putting the zip in the side and put satin binding between the main skirt piece and the waist band.

Apologies for the crap lighting, it's been a long day at work for both me and my boyfriend and it's dark, cold and raining outside.  If it's sunny tomorrow, I'll take some (hopefully) sunny pictures tomorrow.  If I'm not sick of the Lotus pattern I'll finish the orange top over the weekend, but think my next project will be to make an emerald green blouse from a Burda magazine pattern.  I think I should get bonus points for making this as the fabric has been in my stash for about a year but was in my sister's stash I would imagine since the early 1990's as it was when she was a student and first tried her hand at sewing!

I've also crocheted a cowl as want to get a stock together to start selling things at craft fairs and hopefully set up an online shop, but more of that in a later post.

I'm off for a glass of wine and a sit down and wait for TrueBlood to start...ah Eric...


  1. wow if you keep up that rate of production you won't have any problem getting a stock of sale items together... if you can bear to part with them! That's a fab idea getting people at work to guess what you've made... you're probably subliminally gaining future customers while you do it! :)

    Can't explain the crazy physics mind you! Are you sure you're not shrinking over night?

  2. Enjoy your glass of wine, sounds like you've worked pretty hard! Great achievement tho, wearing something homemade to work every day, well done!

  3. Giles I wish I was shrinking overnight! If I could patent that I'd make millions! ;)

    I also like your thinking re subliminal messaging...hmmm what can I plot next!

    Thanks Sarah! It really perked me up through a dreary week of work and naff weather to challenge myself. Really liking your new quilt by the way, the white edged squares really pop out.

  4. I like the sunny yellow top - it looks like it will be versatile. The skirt is lovely too. I think taking photos of home made clothes is a tricky thing. Have a good weekend


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