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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finished Lotus cami

Hurray!  It's finished!  I paired it with the skirt I made here.

I haven't fitted it as closely as the dress as wasn't certain I'd be able to do the buttons up on my own if I did.  I'm a little disappointed with the facings as the one on the front of the bodice keeps riding up at the moment, so might see if I can wonder web it down or something.

The fit is a lot better than this, but this is what you get when you can't see what you're taking a photo of and forget to check that it's all sitting nicely at the back.  I did remember to pull my hair round so that you could see the back, so one point to me!   Sorry it's a bit dark, wanted to get it done earlier in the day so I could have photos outside but I had a few technical difficulties with the buttonholes.

After getting very angry at the machine for chewing up the scraps I was practising on, I searched the web for some videos and realised that my manual for my sewing machine hadn't told me that I needed to use a special foot as well as the guide for buttonholes.   A few deep breaths later and with some more practising I made all seven buttonholes on the top with the machine.  A lot quicker than my alternative which was to make them all by hand.

I had fun choosing the buttons for this top as it meant I got to search through my button jar!

Look at all those lovely buttons!

These are the ones I chose, they're smaller than the 1" prescribed by the pattern instructions, but I like them and I can do them up without too many contortions!

I'm thinking of changing the pattern a bit next time and instead of buttons at the back I'm going to put a zip on the side.  I want to make two more tops like this one, one out of yellow and one from orange cotton to go with the orange tree fabric that I want to make into a skirt.  Really like this pattern and glad I tried the sleeveless option.  Might need to do a wardrobe sort out now though as I've really got the clothes sewing bug!  Are you addicted to sewing anything in particular at the moment?


  1. Well done you, you've done a great job and it really suits you!

  2. I love it - lovely fabric, really sweet pattern with the sleeves & neckline - hooray!!

  3. Thank you! I was a bit worried that it's a bit long to wear it with a skirt so I paired it with trousers today to wear to work. It's nice to get a lovely comment when you're feeling a bit iffy about something. I think it came from looking at the photos too much!

    I'm just so darn chuffed that it was cheap to make, interfacing and buttons I already had in my stash, a metre of fabric and binding was all I paid for, and the pattern of course but I'd already bought and used that once.

    What you sewing?

  4. That's fantastic! Glad you got the machine to cooperate. It's good when you have time-saving tricks up your sleeve... or sleeveless, as the case may be!

    I'm worried about you though. What if Coraline thinks you have bad intentions with that there collection of buttons?

  5. Haha! Buttons for eyes and you're all mine...Wahahahahahahahahaha! ;)


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