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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So far so good with the Lotus Cami

Just a quick update on the Amy Butler Lotus pattern cami I've been making from the lovely Anna Marie Horner fabric I got from Raystitch.

The pattern instructions state that you need 2 1/8 yards of fabric for the exterior to make sizes large and x-large but I managed to cut out everything for the sleeveless version from one metre of fabric.  I made sure that I placed all the pattern pieces as close together as possible and once I'd cut the main pieces I refolded the rest of the fabric to be able to cut all the facings from the left overs.  So I'm going to get the top I want from the expensive fabric I like, but for a fraction of the cost it would have if I'd followed the instructions.  I suppose I won't be able to match the pattern but as it's so busy I don't mind.

Fizz is overseeing the quality as per usual

This is as far as I've got tonight, sleepiness stopped play.  I'm hoping to get it all done by the end of the week, but as this will be my first time tackling buttonholes it might take me a little while.  Hope you're all having a good sewing week!


  1. Looks like its going well, looking forward to seeing it finished!

  2. Thank you! Me too, just not sure I want to do the bit in between, buttonholes are scaring me!

  3. I like Lotuses, they make nice sports cars. Are you going to be the new Sporty Spice?

    I might have entered the Guiness Book of Records for the wonkiest straight line of stitches ever! But I'm going to be practicing this week so net quilting class I should be a bit better! It is going on 25 years since I last wielded a needle and thread after all, and being blind makes it hard going to see where you're going!

    Maybe I'll start a craftwork blog to document my progress, and the colours I choose next week for my first quilt! A blog will come in handy when I move on to felt and hats, rather than my gtmusicreview blog!

    I like the sound of this top and hope you get on fine with the button holes :)


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