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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ta daa!

Finished the skirt I had for my birthday from Clothkits...ok so I'm a little late as wanted to get it done to be able to wear it for Christmas, but hey-ho.  I'm really pleased with it and am saving wearing it for the weekend.  I cheated slightly with the lining as I didn't hem it separately, but incorporated it into the hem of the main skirt fabric.  Now, I may live to regret this but it seemed a really good idea at the time when I wanted to get it finished and it was rather late, hence the interesting ensemble I'm wearing.  I feel I should apologise for the socks, but when I went to take them off I realised I had even worse sock lines!

So, that's one more thing off the list!

I started cutting out the tunic from the Amy Butler pattern, took me nearly 3 hours...I had breaks, but wow, that took a long time!  Going to start sewing it tomorrow, as I have the day off I'm going to sew for as long as I can and see if I can finish it in a day - wish me luck!


  1. Great job, the skirt looks lovely. Good luck with your sewing day, hope you get everything you want done!

  2. Yay! awesome! though is it you I have to blame for the flurries of snow forecast for Atlanta later today?! Wow, 3 hours to cut out the pattern, I had no idea it'd take that long!

  3. Thanks Sarah! I'm almost done on the dress but have had to give it a rest as the instructions aren't making sense so I need a break! hehe!

    Giles, if I could magic up snow I'd use it to get out of work more often! Took me that long as had to keep chasing Fizz off the table and fabric and it's fully lined so I suppose I cut two dresses if you look at it like that.


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