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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sewing day update

So I set myself the challenge last night to get up early this morning as if I was going to work and start sewing.  I got off to a good start and was ironing and sewing by 8am.  The Amy Butler pattern tunic dress is almost finished, was going to make the dress, but when I put the pattern piece against myself I realised I was going to be drowned by it so went for the tunic option.  Oh boy, am I glad!  I think I would still be cutting it out now! 

I'm so close to finishing the dress, but my eyes aren't getting the information to my brain from the instructions properly any more so I think it's time to stop and will start again in the morning.  I only need to finish attach the lining to the exterior and hem it.  I'm really proud of myself for being brave enough to do a bit of a 'fitting' of it and took the dress in here and there.  I also removed the belt loops as when I put it on I remembered why I don't like belt loops.  I'm about 5'3" and have a high waist so belt loops are almost always somewhere near my hips on standard tops and dresses.  In any case I like any sort of cinching mechanism to be on the smallest part of me, which would be under my bust and the belt I made according to the instructions just seems a bit thin and puny for this purpose so maybe I'll just forgo it altogether.

Hopefully I have a finished dress to show you all tomorrow, happy sewing!


  1. Ironing by 8am? My god thats dedication... glad you got a lot done, look forward to seeing it!

  2. I was on a mission! See my next post for photos!


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