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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

If I had all the money in the world...

I'd be buying these goodies:

Amy Butler Sandalwood Jacket from Raystitch
I like this soft pink pattern fabric on the version they have here but I'm thinking this fabric:

Amy Butler - Soul Blossoms
Again this is from Raystitch
I like how bright this fabric is but I'd need about 3 metres of it and at £5.50 per half metre *gulp* I'd have to be certain that I LOVE the pattern and fabric and wouldn't stuff it up or decide once I've made it that it's not for me!

And while I'm still virtually shopping, I'm really liking this:
Lauren and Jessi Jung - Hideaway
Lauren and Jessi Jung fabric from you've guessed it Raystitch
I'm thinking this would make a really striking skirt, oh how I yearn to buy it!

I stopped looking at this point as when I totted up all the fabric I'd need and the pattern cost it came to nearly £70.  Yeah, I know it's cheaper than a Monsoon coat and skirt and I can use the pattern again and again, but still...*sigh*.

What's on your wish list?


  1. Whats on my wishlist? Way too much! Soul blossom collection, the Lauren & Jessi Jung collection (especially the yellows, got a thing for yellow at the moment) Kaffe Fassett stripes, Alexander Henrys Heath, Victoria & Albert Grand Tour collection... and so much more... Oh to be rich...

  2. You're a bad influence...I'm looking at all of the other fabric you like now and my wish list is growing! Those fat quarter bundles are good though, very fresh colours, I think yellow is the colour of Spring.

  3. Wish list: I just go for the lottery win. the rest just kind of falls into place after that ;)

    Clothing-wise, I really want a Hussain Chalayn coat, I'd love a really good suit (the kind of price you'd pay for those Christian Dior boots you so covet)... and I'd like another paur of good shoes because my soul is wearing thin (oh, I guess I mean my soles!)

    Sarah,, you mention one of my first clothing inspirations, Kaffe Fassett! I remember seeing him on Blue Peter (I think) and was very impressed!

    Amy, now is the time to play your old Black Sabbath records backwards. You'll clearly hear the subliminal messages telling you "buy it, buy it!:... best do as the men in black tell you! ;)

  4. Well smarty pants, winning the lottery would make spending money much easier!

    I'd almost forgotten about those boots...thanks for reminding me!

    I don't own any Black Sabbath albums, and do you really think I need any subliminal messages to encourage me to buy fabric? ;) hehe! It's also quite disturbing thinking Black Sabbath would encourage people to buy such brightly coloured fabric...there would be something not right with the world if they did. Sends a shiver down my spine!

  5. My wish list? Ummm, an overlocker and a big cupboard with built in shelves to put away my sewing fabric. Blue shoes, red shoes. A digital SLR. I like the fabric images you posted, almost too pretty to sew with.

  6. This is the problem when you ask people about wish lists when you already have a big list yourself as it keeps growing as now I've remembered I want a better camera and lessons in how to take better photos and maybe an overlocker if they didn't look so scary! I'm also thinking one of those tables that has a part glass top that is lit from underneath which would make tracing out patterns from magazines so much easier to do...*sigh*


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