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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost there with a UFO

Those of you who remember Me Made March know of my disaster dress, the one I got up early to make as I wanted it as a sort of Sunday Best dress to show off to the in-laws and well, pride before a fall and all that...

Anyway...I decided enough was enough the other day and actually took the seam ripper to the skirt and then that's as far as I got, then I got to pin the skirt to the top and then stop again...(you're seeing my reluctance here to finish aren't you?) so tonight I managed to sew the skirt to the top!  Yay!  It's not hemmed and will need to put the lining to the skirt in still, but I feel I've made progress!

Burda dress, nearly there...
What do you think of the gathering on the skirt?  Not too poofy?

Have made some more progress on the really fiddly project but will show you an update when it's a bit more done as don't want to over excite you or anything!


  1. We both made progress today! I worked in E's Easter dress. Just need to assemble. One more night!! I LOVE that dress on you! I'm so glad you went back to it because it looks great!

  2. Mimi, this is a great dress, and no not too poofy!! Is this the same burda one that everyone has been making on sew weekly? looks great in floral

  3. aww, I knew that was going to look fabulous dahling! And no, skirt doesnt look too poofy lol

  4. yay for progress on projects!

    Charlotte it is the same dress as the Sew Weekly one, as is the red one on my Sew Weekly photos...can you tell I like the shape of it? ;)

    Thank you Sarah and Trish! Will keep going with it I promise!


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