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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The internet is deadly dangerous...

for my bank balance anyway.  Since things haven't been going to well here this week (the buttons still haven't turned up, Mr Postman where are you!!!!) and when my boyfriend took me out fabric shopping yesterday and all the fabric shops were closed due to the wedding I started to get really grumpy.  So here's where the internet comes was like fate and serendipity got together to make me happy!

I was up late watching dvds and surfing the net when a new email came in from the Anna Maria Horner site saying she's got a sort of sale if you spend over a certain amount you can get a free pattern!  So since I can't find the lovely Innocent Crush velveteen range anywhere other than her site I thought it was the perfect opportunity to treat myself and get a treat too!  Yay!

So this is the fabric I went for:

Romance Revisited
Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush Velveteen in Romance Revisited

and for my free pattern I chose:

 Proper Attire Skirt
Anna Maria Horner's Proper Attire Skirt pattern

I am so looking forward to this fabric and this pattern arriving to make everything all better!  Got a few other things that should turn up too in the post that have been ordered on the internet, hence why it's deadly to my bank balance!

Thanks to everyone who put up with my moaning and gave me encouragement and support (and even a virtual kick up the butt) to keep me going.  I'll try not to whine and moan any more this week!


  1. This fabric is just fabulous! I love the pattern you chose - perfect for summer :)

  2. Thank you! Can't wait for it to arrive now! And for a UK seller to start stocking it!


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