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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I really am losing the will to sew/live

So you know that lovely floral fabric I bought to wear to the UK Sew Weekly meet up in London?  (Please note only 16 days left hence the panic in my voice.)  Well when I went for a walk yesterday I popped into my local newsagents and was delighted to see that they now stock the Burda magazine (thanks in part to me as a friend of mine campaigned for them to have it as she could never find it and I helped by supplying a photocopy of the front cover of said magazine so they could order it in!) and in it was the most perfect dress for me in my opinion.  It's 50's, it's got an interesting collar a bit like the vintage pattern I still need to draft up and make and it looks like a top and skirt but is actually a dress.  Look how lovely it is:

Burda style magazine 05/11
Isn't it just lovely?  Well, it's in petite sizes and I thought: Bonus! it won't be humongously long on me!  Haha!  Yeah, length isn't the problem it's the width.  I'd say what they think is my size is actually at least two sizes smaller and I've used all my lovely fabric.

My first thought was 'I give up, I'm not sewing any more stuff the lot of it IhateitIhateitIhateit' but now I'm thinking I'll finish it and see if sister number 2 wants it.  Sorry sisters number 1 and 3, I'll make you both something another time when I'm not on a deadline with nothing to wear unless I wear ready made.  Oh good grief why oh why is it all going so horribly wrong?  I'm following the instructions and everything!  Don't I deserve brownie points for that at least?????

Anyway here it is so far.  I can only dream of fitting into it...*sigh*

Front of dress

Close up of front bodice

View of the back
I'm sorry it's not hung up but it's got no sleeves on it so nothing to hang it off.  I even did a back vent in the skirt which I've never done before so at least I can say I've learnt something.  I'm trying to look on the bright side.  You know how lots of bloggers do 'how to' posts well I think mine should be 'how not to' posts!  Urgh.

Oh well I'm going to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's as never seen it and have been told to watch it whilst he's out by J as he doesn't think it's his cup of tea.  Nice.  I'm sorry for moaning lots this week, hope there's been some smiles amongst it all.  I can at least say that I have one almost finished dress that will be completely done when the silly postman brings me the buttons.

Please tell me someone out there is having more luck?  And I haven't even walked under so much as a step ladder!  Finger's crossed, touching wood and throwing salt over my shoulder the next project will go well! ;)


  1. Awww Mimi. It sucks that you are having rotten luck. I have one suggestion though. Do you measure the pattern pieces before you cut them out of the fabric? If you have a good set of measurements, then measuring the pieces will let you know whether you are close to having things fit. And that particular dress would be a great one to do a FBA adjustment on, since it has a bust dart and waist dart already. If it makes you feel any better, there are snow flakes falling out my kitchen window. Big, fluffy ones. How was Breakfast at Tiffany's?

  2. That's a very sensible suggestion and when I first bought this magazine a few months ago I did that, but always made the regular sizes and shortened them. I thought the petite sizes would be more my fit as in shorter and no problems with the waist, but it seems as if they're thinner too. Strangely enough from what I can work out the bust seems ok it's the skirt that's the problem. I'll measure everything again from now on as I know I haven't eaten that many Easter eggs! In fact I've only had half of one as shared it with my boyfriend!

    That sucks that you're still getting snow! Then again at least you're not having the tornadoes that I've seen Alabama are having. Really sad.

    Haven't seen the film yet as realised I promised my boyfriend I'd make lasagne and crumble for afters, half apple and half rhubarb as he doesn't like rhubarb and I love it! Mmmmmm!

    Thanks for your help. x

  3. oh hon, I really feel for you, it is to frustrating.

  4. Arrrgh! How rotten for you. Really rotten. Thankfully I'd say crumble and Tifanys should help! Then you can pat yourself on the back for being so talented AND generous to have made such a pretty dress especially for your sister ;-)

  5. Thank you both!

    I just hope she likes it...she's going to at least try it on even if I have to twist her arm!!! ;)

  6. I hate when I do that--everything goes smoothly then you stitch up enough to be able to try it on and crash! You have my sympathy.


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