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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Leibster Award

I've had a naff day, went home ill but I've just thought I'd cheer myself up looking at what's new on here and what do I find?  That lovely lovely Mrs Scruffy Badger of Scruffy Badger Time has given me an award!

 This award is to help give smaller blogs a boost by giving them some recognition and hopefully some new follower's to boot.  You have to link back to the giver and then nominate some smaller blogs you think deserve some more love.

So in no particular order:
  • Sew Far Sew Good Charlotte is a Sew Weekly Sewing Circle buddy and hasn't been blogging very long at all.  Her makes are good and looking forward to meeting her at the V&A!
  • Heart's Cottage Vintage Sewing another Charlotte and another Sew Weekly Sewing Circle buddy!  Yay!  She's also got some patterns I'm coveting right now...
  •  Sew Obsessed  Well, I can't not mention my very own sewing buddy, she's so cool!
  • Narcoleptic in a cupboard She's a really good quilter and maker of bags and dolls and I'm not at all jealous much! ;)
  • Kestrel Finds and Makes I wish I could knit like this lovely lady and she sews too!
I'm off now for a cuppa and a lie down, but at least it's with a smile on my face!


  1. Awww sweetie! Thank you x Hope you're feeling a better soon too.

  2. Thanks!!! I hope you are feeling better. :)

  3. Mimi this is great, yes a real boost! Thanks lovely (not long till May!)

  4. Ooh, thank you! How kind. It's a really nice idea too, as there are so many interesting smaller blogs out there.

  5. AAAAArgh Mimi I am not very good on the computer and I hope I haven't messed it up for everyone! I hope my link works but I don't know what to seng to my nominated sites. I am happy for the award but baffled on what to do properly!!!

  6. Thanks feeling much much better today, although I got into work this morning and they go 'oooh, you don't look good' which was lovely...;) haha!

    Glad everyone liked their plug! Charlotte I'll come over and give you tips on your blog now! hehe!


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