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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Charity shop finds

Since it was sunny and I needed the fresh air after yesterday spent mostly in bed, I went for a walk in my lunchtime and perused the local charity shops and scored what I think is a good find!  (I'm feeling much better by the way, thank you all ever so much for your well wishes.)  There's a certain charity shop near where I work that's the end of all things that have been given to charity and so have been marked down to £1 or less as they want to get shot of them.  I always have a nose and see if there's anything worth buying and lo and behold I find two lots of fabric samples! 

Fabric, floral, butterflies and all off white or cream

Ok, so some of it is literally just enough to make one of those lovely fabric bookmarks that my sewing buddy made me but some of it is big enough to make a purse or bag and one piece is quite big and I'm thinking thinking thinking about that one.  One downside is that there are punch holes at the top of the pieces were it was on the hanger thingy.  Here's some better pictures:

About the size of a large cushion with butterflies and fern leaves and flowers

Just about enough for a bag, poppies, forget-me-nots and I'm not sure what the other flower is, my horticultural knowledge isn't that great I'm afraid!

I think this would be a good clutch bag, same pattern as above

Most probably be made into a purse, sparse design of flowers and pretty little leaves

Same design as above, destined for a pretty bookmark

So, although pretty, I think sometimes a little old fashioned, but I'm thinking of spicing things up with some beads and maybe some embroidery and sequins to make the design more spangle-y as, well, I am a magpie! ;)

I've also been working on some bags to sell and will be trying to finish them over the weekend and to get some brooch backs/ribbon on the felt flowers I've been making.  I've also been rummaging through my stash of haberdashery/notions depending on which side of the pond you're on for the Sew Weekly lace and notions swap.  It's a bit of a Secret Santa thing as we don't know who we're getting an envelope from only who we're sending one to.  Problem is I don't have ANY lace.  It's just not something that I've accumulated, ribbon, sequins, beads oh yes but lace, none!  I'm not sure why, hope my recipient isn't too disappointed. 

I've also been scratching my little head over the next Great Exchange with Narcoleptic in a cupboard as I've volunteered to make her clothes if she makes me a quilt.  There's no time frame on this as don't want to put pressure on either of us so this will be a relaxed thing.  Just pondering the pattern options, but at least I know she loves cord as much as me so a cord skirt is a must!  I think I said before on the flickr group for MMM that I should set up an appreciation society or help group or something for cord! ;)

Speaking of which, my favourite cord trousers are soon to need to be refashioned as they're going threadbare between the legs!  Eeek!  So I'm thinking a skirt with some funky patches to cover the holes/threadbare bits and to make an interesting one off garment and recycle of course!

Ok enough rambling, happy weekend everybody!

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  1. Oooh good luck with the trouser/skirt challenge! It'll be nice to see how someone who knows what they're doing gets on - I tried it once and it was a disaster, I wore the skirt once and then consigned it to the trash only to hear my man say "oh thank god, it was awful"...!


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