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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Washing Line Finds

I meant to do a little post yesterday, but somehow it didn't happen.  I got up early in the sunshine and posted off my envelope in the secret Santa type exchange of haberdashery/notions as part of the World Travelling Lace and Notions exchange with the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle.  Then I went to the florist and bought these beauties and had lovely comments in every shop on the way home then at how pretty they were:

Anemones and what remind me of peonies but aren't and can't remember the name of them sorry
I'm particularly drawn to that anemone in the front with the dark centre and the pint and lighter pink petals

I put them in a jug that has held fake versions of these flowers for about a year now, it's just so good to have the real thing for a change!

Other than that it was spent trawling the internet looking at fabric as am soooooo excited to start my next Great Exchange as the first one has gone so well!  Yes, my package finally arrived at it's destination and bag and bunny were liked by both mom and little one!  Check it out here.  Hurray!  Was beginning to think I'd need to whip up another of each and send them off pronto!

It was a day of bunny giving as I went to visit my friend and her husband and one year old daughter and gave a bunny to the little one as a present.  She was rather taken with it and crawled around and tried to stand up and show it off to us all! 

So onto today and since it's sunny and I was thinking of new and interesting ways of showing off my new fabric purchases I thought, well, why can't I peg them on the line?  So I did and here's the result:

Washing line of fabric finds, please ignore the mess in the background
Slightly disappointed in that the sun had moved more away from the garden by the time I'd really thought of the idea and got all the bits ready and that I have a tiny terrace garden not a whole green field...but there you go!  Onto the finds!

Cath Kidtson cowboy fabric remnant
Close up of fabric pattern, just love those wagons!
I've never bought any Cath Kidtson before, but had always had a soft spot for this pattern and when I saw the remnant I couldn't resist.  I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, whether it will be some bags or a top/dress for one of my nieces as it's such soft cotton.  Not sure whether any of my nieces will like it though...So I may just need to be the big kid!

Next on the line is this:

Gold organza with sparkly thread
This is a minuscule amount of organza but it was 25p and I'm thinking I could make a fancy flower from it with some beads.  It's doubled over in this shot to try and show the colour but the sparkle doesn't show very well.

Onto the next pegged items:

On the left is the lime green taffeta lining and in the foreground is the Amy Butler fabric which wasn't a remnant
The lime green taffeta lining I saw the last time I rummaged in this remnant bin and it had been haunting me ever since as I'd decided at the time I didn't need/want it, but since making plans for a Great Exchange with Sarah from Narcoleptic in a cupboard I knew I would need some lining for the skirt I'll be making her, so as soon as I saw it was still there I snatched it up!  I then caved completely and bought myself a metre of this lovely print from Amy Butler that I'm thinking will be a nice little A line skirt that I can wear with my yellow Lotus cami and the orange one if I ever get round to finishing it!  I also suspect there'll be enough scraps left to make a purse with it too.

Here's a close up to show off the pattern better:
slightly squiffy photo of the Amy Butler pattern fabric, it's the wind not my drinking a cider in the sunshine!
So what have you been doing on this sunny weekend?


  1. Mmmmm...Amy Butler fabric - and that Cath Kidston would make fantastic pj shorts - maybe bloomers and a cami? Lovely.

  2. Ooooh! That's such a good idea for the cowboy fabric! Love it! I've got a pj pattern as well...


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