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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Phew! What a busy day!

First I took pictures of the bag I made my sister before posting it off to her as it was too late and dark when I finished it last night.  Sadly it doesn't stand up without anything in it as I didn't put interfacing in it, only a solid bottom, but don't you just love that print?

Bag lying flat, on the top left is the glass bead with white ribbon to use as a zip pull

Me holding the toiletry bag up to show the height, sneaky peek of Fizz in the background
Lining of the bag showing my label!
This was a bit of a nightmare to make as just as I thought I'd finished it I realised I'd done the corners at the bottom wrong and had to do some head scratching to get it to work.  It's done now and I'm pretty pleased with it, just hope she likes it!

Next I moved onto pimping my pumps!  See how I'm down with the young hip lingo?? ;)  Anyway, here's my revamped shoes:

Revamped shoes, aren't they cute?

I've taken the bows off the front and put them on the back of the shoes as think it's sweet

I've put three shell buttons on the front of each shoe in place of the bows, they're shiny

I like what I've done but wonder if I need to do a bit more to them, any suggestions?

Then I went to town to meet a Sew Weekly Sewing Circle buddy Marie and we went shopping for sewing things and talked lots!  Can't wait for the London meet up now!

Here's my finds for the day:

Taken the plunge and got self cover buttons for the Liverpool tunic dress

Vintage embroidered ribbon/sash that I can't wait to put on a dress it's just so pretty with the butterflies and the chrysanthemums

Close up of the embroidery

Was told by the shop owner this is from a 1920's silk dress.  Thinking of making it into a cute summer top.

So I was supposed to find some chocolate brown cord for a skirt but there was none to be found so this is what I came home with, slightly different...  I'm thinking I'll have to order it online as the usual suspects don't have any at the moment, it must be the most popular colour.

Hope you've had a fun and productive day!


  1. Lovely to meet you today!

    Liked your shoes as well. Hadn't realised they were revamped. Great job!

  2. hi mimi, you have been busy (infact you always are!). Fabric is just lovely, so cool that you have a label what a great idea I may have to steal it! Also that 1920s silk is just beautifull, lucky you. x x x

  3. loving the shoes and the silk... I can't wait to see what you make out of them

  4. Nice shoes! I am in agreement with the silk - gorgeous - can't wait to see what you transform it into. Thank you for the tag by the way :-)

  5. Thank you all! I'm just sad the silk is too little for me to make back into a skirt for hiss. Nevermind, it'll make a cute top I think!

    Must remember to show you all the beaded silk/satin (can't remember which) skirt top I got from a vintage shop in Hay on Wye. The rest of the garment was un-salvageable apparently and I got it for what I think is a song considering the work that's gone into it).

  6. Love the shoes - lots of sparkles!!!!


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