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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

And a very Happy Easter to me!

I got home to find a lovely surprise package from my notions swap buddy Rachel from the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle with a pretty Easter card too!  I was very happy to see it and am still surprised by the kindness of other sewing gals.  I don't know why I'm surprised as they're all so lovely but it just fills my heart with joy to find such amazing people!  I think it's because I've had a long drawn out horrible experience that I couldn't escape from and began to become more misogynistic than I should.

Thank you all so much for making me realize that not all people are horrid and quite a lot are especially awesome!  Aww, I've made myself all misty eyed!

Well, Ta very much Rachel for a fantastic gift!  Nom nom nom!

Easter card and chocolate tulip lollipop
I promise to save this for Easter Sunday!  I've actually got an Easter Egg this year too from work!  We think they're fattening us up so we can't ever leave our desks...scary thing is they didn't deny it when we asked them!

In other exciting news, I'm off work now for 11 days!  11 DAYS!  Pendrell top in the blue fabric with gold ladybirds tomorrow I'm thinking, followed by the Maybe sixpence version for Sarah.  Sorry forgot to show you pictures of the new fabric that arrived in the post this week and it's too dark now.  I love getting post lately!  Then moving onto the Liverpool pattern in the Amy Butler fabric I'd been thinking of using for another Lotus tunic but thinking of using the cherry blossom fabric in the Lotus tunic pattern as suggested by my sewing buddy I think and then I might need a rest if I my arms haven't dropped off by then!  As there's still the Lotus tunic for Sarah to make and need to find some chocolate brown corduroy for a front pleat skirt for her with pockets!  I think I may need to drop a few things and just concentrate on the essentials to keep my sanity as I do try and pack too much into too little time...


  1. Lovely post sweetie! Dont go stressing too much about my wardrobe, take as long as you like :-) I'm actually quite excited to see you do the Liverpool for you!

  2. It won't be long before I send you a finished something or other but I'm glad I tried mine out first!


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