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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello! I'm still here!

It's been a bit of a stressful week but can happily say now that it all seems to be going more smoothly now so feeling more hunky dory, especially when such loveliness as this drops onto my doormat!

Beautiful handbag in shades of blue with a coral pattern on it

Close up of fantastic button closure with a swirl on it
I was rather misty eyed when I opened this package yesterday, it was so thoughtful of my sewing buddy Trish to make and send me this!  I'm also rather jealous that her stitching is so professional and her stitching so straight, I need to get more practice in!  I will hopefully get some more pictures today somewhere nice with me sporting my lovely new handbag!  Trish has been bursting to tell everyone about the handbags so she was glad it didn't take too long to arrive! 

Managed to get out and about yesterday and found a few lovelies at a charity shop:

Five 50's style patterns for 40p each!

Really like this pattern and think it might be the first one I make, intrigued by the scribbles on the front

I'm thinking the yellow one in the top right hand corner would be a lovely jacket to wear

I just love the big upper class laughing smiles that these models are wearing, think I'll feel rather smug in either of these dresses!

I think I was drawn to the colour on this pattern packet which is really stupid considering I need to make it not like the colour!

Really like the collar details on this pattern, which seems to be a theme in some of these patterns

What really surprised me about all these patterns is that they're in my size!  Yay!  The other surprise that wasn't so wonderful is that they're all fabric hungry patterns.  Boo Hiss.

And for pure kitsch value and because I can't resist something this ugly as it's so cute

Mr Ugly.  Look at his chops, who could resist a face like that?? ;)

Cute little tail and behind!
Not sure if he's worth anything as sure I've seen him somewhere before so will need to do some research, but his mournful mug cheered me up no end yesterday!


  1. The bag is sweet and Mr ugly ( oh bless) its really cute. xx

  2. ooooh I can totally see you wearing the third dress on the 6673, that'd be gorgeous. Cant believe you got them for 40p and they're in your size, happy day eh?!

  3. Thank you both! Yeah was a really good day for finds and surprises! x

  4. 40p each!? That's amazing. They're all really nice too.

  5. Kestrel, there were lots more but I restrained myself, even after I found out the price!

    Sarah, I thought I'd said that I'd make the 3rd dress on that pattern but just re read the post and realised I didn't...great minds think alike it seems! Spooky eh?

  6. Lovely patterns - I think the yellow jacket is my fave (but smiled at your "upper class laughs" description!

  7. 6197 should be a great jacket. I can't believe you got them for so little... the stores near me don't carry vintage patterns.

  8. hello stranger!! Love those finds, the neck detail of the last pattern is great, please make this one up first!!

  9. Charlotte I think there's a couple there with similar necklines, got a bit of a thing going I think!

    Alison - they don't have them often but when they do it's magic!


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