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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Progress report

Been feeling poorly bard as they say in these parts so not much sewing going on but have managed to make a start on one of the patterns I picked up at the charity shop the other day thanks to a speedily posted fabric purchase care of M is for Make.  I keep forgetting to take a picture of the fabric when it arrives as it's so prettily packaged in two tone blue butcher's style twine with luggage tag printed thank you note...but the fabric is soooo gooooood I have to take it out and caress it!  I bought 3m of Anna Maria Horner voile in Shattered and you know how I love voile, it's just so soft and drapes so beautifully.

Thus far I've almost finished the bodice of the dress and will need to put in a zip and add the skirt, which won't be quite as full as the pattern dictates partly due to miscalculating the difference between yards and metres and partly due to me deciding I didn't want acres of fabric in the skirt.

Sneaky peak of bodice
What has really fascinated me with this pattern has been the little discoveries I've made along the way, namely the seam tape I found from the original owner of the pattern tucked inside the pattern pieces in a little paper bag.  It made me all misty eyed to find it as it felt like a link to the past together with the little notes written on the pattern packet.  It's also a little strange to me that the lady who owned this pattern only ever made view A and never B or C as the pattern pieces were uncut.  I find it strange as I think all the patterns I picked up were from the same owner as they were all the same era and those that have notes on are all in the same handwriting and there were dresses that were similar that she must have made, but maybe that's it, she had those type of patterns already.  I wonder in years to come when I pass on my patterns what someone else will think of how I've used them.

The left over seam tape, wonder what the dress looked like?

The other interesting thing I found about the pattern is the fact that when it was new you could iron the pattern onto the fabric much like Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns and could be used upto 3 times, neat eh?  Assume it didn't work so well as don't think there are clothes patterns you can iron on nowadays, correct me if you know better!

Instructions on how to use the 'Easy Mark' pattern
I also love the early 60's style advertising!  Pattern is from 1962.

Ah, if only you could get 7 issues of a pattern magazine for $1.96 nowadays...*sigh*

Love the stylish silhouette of the sassy seamstress!

And since I'm a bit behind, here's some other fabric I picked up when I was only supposed to be getting some thread and a zip for the voile dress...naughty naughty

Turquoise jersey

Pink and purple flower print

The jersey will hopefully become a dress, I'm thinking of using an existing crossover front jersey top as the pattern for the bodice and then winging it with the skirt!  I want a dress I can just pull on with no fastenings and thought this would be perfect...we shall see if these are my famous last words.  The floral print will be a sleeveless 60s style dress that I think this print lends itself to naturally.  The pattern is one I picked up in the same haul as the one on the go now.  I initially thought this was a notion less pattern too but sadly not. 

Thankfully I've started to make a list matching patterns to fabric in order to get a hold on my spending and use up my stash.  I'm not going to transpose this list to here as it's all a bit 'if I've got enough fabric or maybe this fabric for this pattern or this pattern' as it was done whilst feeling too poorly bard to go measure anything and just from memory.

It does go onto the other page...this is how naughty I've been buying fabric and hoarding patterns

So here's hoping I get some new items of clothing to show off in Me Made June as I'm feeling a little under prepared as before...whoops!


  1. OO I can see the pink floral as a 60s style dress - lovely! As for me made June - you'll be fine if March was anything to go by! Hope you are getting over your poorly bardness...

  2. Hmmm AMH Voile... lovely :-) Good list, (clever idea, might try it) and yes I did zoom in and read it (i know, nosey saddo). I think it merits a pat on the back and a bit of reassurance to yourself that you are more prepared than you feel. Roll on June! You'll be great ;-)

  3. Mrs Badger I'll get a picture up of the pattern as realised that it's not one of the ones I had in the haul I showed pictures of but from another haul that J's mum found for me!

    Sarah it was really cathartic getting a little organised especially since some of the fabric has been hanging around for a while knowing I want to do something spectacular with but not sure what. I also have a metre of AMH voile with deer on it that I've had for nearly a year as it's beautiful and know I want to make a top but not sure what style, any suggestions?

  4. Can not wait to see the finished product.


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