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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

MMJ Day 26

I've been a busy little bunny making buttons all afternoon, here's some of what I've made:

Lots of buttons!
And here's me in my outfit for the day, including a sun hat as it was soooo hot today!  Yay!

Me with the buttons!
It's the Amy Butler Liverpool shirt dress that I made a little while back and have worn before this month.  I like it and am going to make another, possibly in cord with longer sleeves and of course more covered buttons!

I'm off to enjoy a cider in the garden as I can as have no work in the morning!  Yay me!


  1. Nice to see someones getting good weather.... Lovely buttons, I'd like to see you do another Liverpool slightly different to the one you've done, its got many possibilities :-)

  2. I put tights on this morning and as son as I got home I took them of and donned a sun hat and went outside! I made a pink cord covered button and it just made me want to make a whole pin cord shirt dress. Weird I know. I've made 64 covered buttons today!

  3. wonderfull photo of yourself! All those buttons just look so yummy scrummy, I want to make some too, where did you get your supplies? x x x

  4. Thank you! I got a box of 100 self cover buttons on line and the fabric is just all the scraps I've got. Can't remember the name of the shop but will try and find it for you


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