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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MMJ Day 28 and a confession

Today we went to Bath and lovely and sunny it was too!  And this is what I'm blaming for my transgression, the heat addling my's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  I'll get through all the other bits before the full confession but I'm guessing most of you will have guessed already.

We went to the Fashion Museum as had looked at going before but it was when they had the Diana exhibition and it had long queues and I wasn't much interested in seeing her stuff to be honest so we decided today we'd go and have a look.  It's interesting, there's a bit where you can try on corsets and underskirts which was fun if you don't have to listen to a father of an 8 year old girl tell her she's fat (she most certainly wasn't) and needed the corset to which she burst into tears and through sobs was berrating him for being horrible.  Thankfully he apologised but quite frankly what an awful thing to say to an (approximate age) eight year old!  He'll wonder in 3 years time why she's got an eating disorder if he keeps coming out with useful comments like that.  But I's me having fun twirling to my hearts content!

I'm gonna need to get me one of these!

They are so heavy though, I really didn't realise, but I suppose if they're made from whale bone they're going to be heavy.  I didn't bother with the corset for obvious reasons...

Here's a few photos from inside, most places you weren't supposed to take photos and to be frank, most of it was geared to the 1800s, which although fascinating, wasn't my thing and it just seemed to be because it was Jane Austin's era which is wrong as there is a whole museum dedicated to her and the space could have been used to showcase other things.  Ah well, that's my two penny's worth!

This is from the wedding dress collection they're exhibiting at the moment think it said 1947

Close up of the top/jacket as love the details
I think if J and I were to get married this pattern would be a contender, although I wouldn't wear white/cream/ivory or anything remotely in those shades as I'd look like death.

Here's another very pretty 1940's dress that I think I may ask Mena from the Sew Weekly on the Make This Look feature to work her magic on and tell me where I can get a similar pattern and if anyone knows of a similar pattern of fabric let me know!

that lovely green number in the centre with the stars
Next we went for sushi and then a wander round Bath, I find myself missing living there now and then so it was lovely go go back and haunt the streets again especially on such a gloriously sunny day!

Me made lotus cami, a-line skirt and necklace, was also using a me made shopping bag not seen here

So I've been delaying the inevitable but I suppose I'll just have to confess, I've broken my pledge only days into it...stop laughing Sarah, it's not funny! haha! :)  But I have a really good excuse, it was sooooo perfect and it was for charity and it was such a good price and it's vintage and I can't think of any more excuses so I'll stop and then show you the rest as as soon as I caved I binged!

It's Laura Ashley pincord

How funky a pattern is that?

Look!  1977!
It's at least 2.5m it may be three, haven't measured it properly yet just by eye but it's perfect for making another Amy Butler Liverpool shirt dress for winter!  And it was only £10. I can't buy new patterned pincord for that for the amount I got!

So then we went into the Makery Emporium, and Oh! what a wonder it is!  Take you pack mules, you'll need it to carry home all the lovely stuff you can get in the little shop!  It wasn't all for me what was purchased there, in fact the biggest expense was the striped jersey for a top for J.

black and white stripe jersey

the green velvet ricrac on the wooden reel is from the makery but the yellow velvet ricrac is from the market

6 fat 8th I think they probably are, mostly Echino prints but one Lauren and Jessi Jung print on the far left
These small pieces will be made into bags to sell, although I may need to sneak one for myself!  So now I'm resting my feet after a long day walking...feel slightly bad as all the music shops we tried to go to in Bath had closed down, but at least he can get a new stripy top!


  1. hehehe lets just consider it a wee blip honey, it would have been criminal to leave that pincord behind ;-) and I love the echino etc, wouldnt have walked out without it either.

  2. Wow such good finds, I can see why you caved :) Looks like you've had a fab day and the suns finally found the UK too, hip hip hooray!

  3. I wish I could go to that museum with you!!! I'd love to try on twirly skirts. So jealous. I've got a few days before the 4th of July holiday, so going to try to cram in some frantic sewing. Looks like you are enjoying your time off work!

  4. haha! It was really good fun trying them on, but it's even better for kids as there were lots of different costumes to try on!

    Oooh! Hope you get something sewn for yourself!

  5. such a great museum.. i have been there and did the skirt photo.. is so much fun...


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